A Little More Lost Lands Deities Info

Had a little time to kill so I thought I’d drop a short deity tidbit (a lot of it is not new but frames it within its own pantheon).

The Foerdewaith Pantheon

This cute little pantheon (it’s likely to grow a little, but not much since most of the Foerdewaith subscribe to the Hyperborean pantheon’s “common” deities—see my previous list) comes from the Kingdom of Foere. Once one of the many states of the Hyperborea, after that empire’s abandonment of the West for its eastern capital at Tircople, the Kingdom of Foere was one of the many that arose in the vacuum and began to expand and gain power. The difference between it and all the other contenders was the it won and its king, Macobert I, became the first overking of the Divine Hyperborean Monarchy of the Foerdewaith (yeah, they were a little verbose). The Kingdom of Foere expanded and absorbed what became informally known as the Foerdewaith Empire--aka the Kingdoms (plural) of Foere, and Macobert I laid down a dynasty that ruled most of Akados for 700 years. It really wasn’t until the catastrophe of the Battle of Tsar fast on the heels of the last hereditary overking. Graeltor (see The Slumbering Tsar Saga) was an uncle of the last overking rather than a direct descendant of Macobert and therefore always struggled with his right of ascension after the death of Oessum VIII (too bad Oessum wasn’t more oessum in battle, badum bum. It would actually be pronounced Oh-sum, but hey close enough). As a result after the humiliation of Graeltor from the loss of the entire Army of Light, the Foerdewaith Wars of Succession began and brought about the end of the Divine Monarchy. The Kingdom (and Kingdoms) of Foere still exist is a powerful nation that occupies much of central Akados, but it is no longer an empire after 3 centuries of successful rebellions. A peace of sorts exists between and its many former subsidiaries, but there are certainly elements within the capital at Courghais who would like to see a new overking rise.

Anyway, because of Foere’s unusual continental influence over a 700-year period. Their own personal pantheon has gained some staying power. Here it is for you (you’ll note that there are many repeats from among the Common deities):

Quell - The Sea King; Lord of the Blue; Razor Coast (this guy is the chief deity of the pantheon and according to legend Macobert was directly descended from him).

Belon the Wise - God of Travel; Wanderer in White (Foerdewaith); Bard’s Gate, Razor Coast; a god of arcane knowledge, Belon is beginning to overtake worship of Jamboor among arcane casters.

Kudrak - Lesser God of Guardians (Foerdewaith); Morrick Mansion, Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms; a little like a lesser version of Vanitthu.

Stryme/Strym - Stryme the Mighty, God of Strength (Foerdewaith, Dwarven); Aberrations, Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms; A dwarven god that was able to make the jump to human worship as well.

The Green Father - God of the Wilds, The Huntsman/Herne the Hunter (Foerdewaith), The Horned God (Erskaelosi), Cernunnos (Tuatha De); Crystal Skull, Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms; A primordial nature deity that found his way into Foerdewaith folklore and tradition and remains hanging around after millennia. (You’ll note some development on him. His Herne/Huntsman aspect is very Foerdewaith, but The Horned One is an aspect picked up by the Erskaelosi so he is officially a barbarian god as well. Cernunnos is his aspect worshipped by the Ancient Ones from their Tuatha De pantheon. He has a great and timeless rivalry with the Hyperborean Pan which he has been getting the worst of for the last 300 years with the Foerdewaith decline.)

Freya - Goddess of Love and Fertility; Freyja (Vanir, Foerdewaith); Bard’s Gate and everywhere; Probably the single-most popular deity used in NG/FGG books next to Orcus. She is a transplant from the Aesir/Vanir pantheon of the Heldring/Northlanders and has found immense popularity in Akados. She is single-handedly slowly but surely replacing the Hyperborean goddess Zadastha (who is herself a transplant from the Gohtra pantheon of Far Jaati) as the goddess of love. The fertility aspect has some uncomfortable competition from the ancient dark goddess Cybele (aka The Magna Mater).

Archeillus - God of Rightful Rule; Protector of the Nobility (Foerdewaith); Doom of Listonshire; a favored god of the old gentry.

The Path of the Shattered Sword – a little-known religion dedicated to Peace and Accord (Foerdewaith); Trouble in Durbenford; one of the newer faiths that have been springing up around Akados that are what are often referred to as “deity-less”. The Shattered Sword reveres no specific deity but rather adheres to their philosophy and peace and nonviolence. Yet they still receive divine spells. Only females may become clerics of the Path of the Shattered Sword. It originated among the Foeredewaith in recent decades as a branch sect of the much older Church of the Blessed Tesseract (an ancient faith and probably the first of the Deity-less religions, but not Foerdewaith so no more info here.)

Cult of the Unspeakable – a pseudo-intellectual of hedonism and alien vistas (Foerdewatih); Trouble in Durbenford; the newest of the Foerdewaith deity-less faiths (at least in its current incarnation), these secret cult of hedonism and excess was started by a loan visionary (some would say madman) and has been working its way among the upper crust of Foerdewaith society. It is not yet large or powerful, but how deep its tentacles reach is not truly understood. Oh, did I say ‘tentacles’? Yeah, you know there’s more going on with these guys. ;-)