Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day 2015

Posted from RJ Thompson at Gamers & Grognards


Good day, good people (and lawful & chaotic ones too.)
It has been some time since we have had a Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day.  It's high time that it happens again!  It is not secret that I love S&W (the amount of time that I spend working on Goldenrod should be an indication.)  I think that S&W Appreciation Day should be an annual event.  Therefore, I have spoken with Matt Finch and Erik Tenkar (who has no intention of nearly killing himself organizing this again) and taken on the privilege (burden?) of hosting S&W App. I will be hosting a blogfest.  If you sell S&W materials (for any of the three iterations of the game) I will post links to those as well.  So, how do you take part in this? 


- Write a post, article, free pdf etc. related to any version of S&W  OR, get a sale going with product you already have.


-Email me with a link to you blog, website etc. By 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, April 16th. Email both your link and title/sale. 


-Make the subject of your email: "Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day Post (or sale) and the blog/site title 


-Make sure to have the actual post/sale active by 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on April 17th.


-Email to me at: luxfaust_at_gmail_dot_com


-I will have all links and titles posted here on the blog by 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time on April 17th. 


-Receive the glory of Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day.


Share this around!  Let's make this day bigger than it was last time!


Here is the link:



Watch your email for a big day for SW! If you have not signed up for the daily deals yet--get signed up!

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