Using RealmWorks to track the Lost Lands

Background: RealmWorks is a campaign management tool by the friendly folks over at LoneWolf. It autolinks content to other content -- NPC's, places, items....  If they have an entry and are mentioned someplace else, they become linked. You can also reveal content to your players and keep track of GM-only info. Here's the marketing blah, blah, blah....

I like RW as it allows me to organize and annotate material how *I* want to rather than what looks nice in a book. This makes managing content and running games soooooo much easier (for me).

Ok, so what can it do? I've spent the last several months entering material from the Lost Lands into RW. I started with terrain features and was super excited to see the maps for the Gulf of Akados and the Sinnar Coast as those gave me a great overview of the main campaign areas.  Next I added all the towns.  And then I started work on Bard's Gate's NPC's. By starting at the macro level, anytime I reference a location or town, those are automatically linked. Now I'm working on adventure areas.

Below are some random screenshots to give an idea of what RW can do. Some are from over a year ago, some are from much more recent, I keep refining how I want to present things to myself. Please feel free to ask about specifics or how I did whatever NPC, area, whatever. Many of the topics are not complete because...ooooh shiny...enter that instead...ohhh shiny... Some are mere mentions that I know will have more information in future releases. And yes, I did add surnames to some NPCs -- get over it. :)

When viewing the images, look at the righthand side as those are links to other content (as are blue highlighted items).

Man, I am drooling with envy at all that content and connected goodness in those screenshots! Hey Frog Gods - please hire AEIOU to input things into Realm Works for the content market - I would pay a whole chest load of golden coins for such stuff!

Wow! That's an impressive amount of work that looks fantastic.

I noticed that the second link features a map that seems to have all the Bard's Gate AND Stoneheart Valley encounters placed on it. I've been looking for a map like that forever... Any chance you could create a jpg of that map with the labels turned on and share?


I will add the appropriate personal use, copyright FGG to it and add the BG and SVH map to Maps section of the forums.  I'll add the player version as well.  Where encounters were duplicated, I default to SVH as it is more recent (and is Pathfinder).

Of note, I think the topography of SVH doesn't match the official world map now with scale and mountain placement on the NE side.  When the revised BG supplement comes out, I'll probably revise if they do but it's close enough for game play.

Oh, Bless you sir! Can't wait to get a hold of these! Fairhill map too, please?

I have been furiously entering info into Realm Works for my upcoming Stonheart Vaelley -->Tsar campaign and am really enjoying the program - A DMs dream come true!

I play Pathfinder, so the stats are based on that. Buuuuut, RW is agnostic. Most of the descriptions for places and encounters are similar between game versions. If FGG does put out RW material, it would be brilliant to include S&W, PF and 5e sections for encounter info.

What has taken the most time and effort is that I've been trying to identify sources for everything I enter so I can cross reference sources effectively -- FGG product(s), world region map(s) and local map(s). What I wish I'd done was to cite page numbers but that's a whole different level of obsessiveness.... It's hard enough to enter product sources for every entry....

Another Wow from me.


This is great stuff and really like the way you have set this up. Have just brought Realm Works myself, this thread has help a lot. Also liking the map of Fairhill.


Cheers Frank

Hello there

Am working in a different way than you are AEIOUsometimesY, starting from Stoneheart Vally just working from page 1. Have nearly completed the Wizards Amulut, very liner but what I am finding is while imputting I am taking a lot more of the information in.


Wizard's storyboard below.


Cheers Frank


Typing in all the details has a way of making you pay attention and absorb the material more deeply. :)  At first it was tedious, then relaxing, then inspirational. Lately it became tedious again so I stopped and have been redrawing the Lost Lands maps. When I receive the Northlands I know I'll be gung-ho on data entry again to see how cultures and people of the north interlink with Sundered Kingdoms.

My storyboard for Wizard's Amulet was totally linear too until the farmhouse. Then I had three options based on Vortigern's actions. Here's my Crucible of Freya storyboard to see how it compares to yours and to show how I tried to deal with some of the multiple paths that were sometimes available. In the end though, it too is very linear.

Not started on the Crucible of Freya yet, just doing the farmhouse scene in the wizard, working on the map first then will start imputting again into Realm works. The only inormation I had used so far from Crucible of Freya is the background of The Monastery of the Standing Stone for a sort of supplement for a monk charactor who can reveal as much as they like to others. So you may have to wait a while. Also playing a cleric in a Slumdering TSAR game, which is proving intresting and enjoyable.

Cheers Frank




Encouter Table

Done my first encounter table.

Then each encounter is linked like this

Each encounter has Herlab profile which I can open from Realm works.

How did you do yours?

Cheers Frank


Very interesting the Stoneaheart Dungeon flowchart!!! AEIOU, can you upload the jpg format?

I'm thinking of revisiting my entries on Stoneheart Valley and updating to my current approach but I'm still working on Sundered Kingdoms.

I started with a similar approach for encounters but ended up with something much simpler and easier to use in the end.  I'll post that for comparison soon.  This evolved as SHV had a few encounter tables but SOA had a whole lot more. Some are identical for the most part while others vary CR's and mobs. I'm looking forward to seeing how the road and risk method looks to see how to best emulate it across the rest of the world.

Regarding the flowchart, I presume you'd like it readable? That's a boatload of spoilers you know....  I mean, what adventurer wouldn't want a map that shows the shortest route to the most interesting places.  You could be a halfling and we all know what they say about halflings. Let me think about it.  :)

I'm the master of My playing group, AEIOU, not a player ;) That flowchart is very useful to have a powerful overview of the Stoneheart Dungeon.

I'm still deciding. You talk like an elf but I still think you could be a halfling. And believe me, I understand how useful it is; but it's also a massive spoiler. As I was building the flowchart (or storyboard in RW parlance) I really wished that the same existed for RA and other dungeons to help GM's really visualize the big picture. If FGG had done so, they would have seen where they had several areas that didn't connect. :) 

Here's three views of Stoneheart Dungeon for you -- which do you like best?

And here's what the Lost Lands is starting to look like as I keep adding materials from the various supplements:

Normally I am creating HeroLab portfolios for NPCs and encounters. But that takes time. I'll often copy/paste stat blocks in and format really quick as a placeholder. These have all the info but won't import directly into d20pro.  For general NPCs that won't see combat, the simple stat blocks work really well.

I've toyed with the Stat Block snippet but I normally want to see all the info on one page without having to open a new tab to see everything. The only exception is on the wandering monsters tables where I've found the Stat Block tabs to work really well as I don't need to see anything other than the one that is currently being encountered. I've been adding HL portfolios to these slowly but it's a low priority.

The first one, AEIOU: the vertical view gives me the idea where are located the Black Monolith, the Chamber of Earth Blood and the infamous Gremag's funeral chamber.

Thanks :)

Man, great stuff! I know I have said this before, but I would pay dearly and gladly for this kind of work pre-done in the Content Market of RW. Between job, kids, family, house I just don't have the time to invest in inputting all that goodness into the program. I have no hope whatever of getting the storyboard een started for any of the adventures (I am doing SHV--->Tsar) and am trying my best just to get the World Almanac decently fleshed out.

AEIOUsometimesY thanks yet again.


I do like the way you done the tables, may have to do a rethink.

What program did you create the random encounter table in? Then it was just a cut and paste?



You can format tables in Realm Works

For large tables I use Word or Excel, then copy/paste. Examples of this would be my cast lists.  I create a table with name, super short stat block (i.e., NE male elf Wiz5/Rog3), location ID, location name and notes which is the only snippet in an area's cast list (i.e., Grollek's Grove cast list would be all the people living in Grollek's Grove or tied to Morrick Mansion adventure).  I only create categories for major NPCs so this table allows me to track minor NPCs that the players may encounter as well.

The main reason I use Word or Excel for larger tables is that I may want to modify them or use them outside of RW. Since RW doesn't currently support printing or exporting, this is my workaround so I don't lose formatting. This also allows me to sort the tables.  This is really important for large lists like the NPCs in Bard's Gate where I want to see alpha by name, alpha by business type, alpha by location ID and alpha by district.

For smaller tables like those for encounters, I've started creating the tables in RW directly. I pulled the RGB colors of the shading from my Excel tables so they are consistent. Since these tables are used in many categories, I'll usually copy/paste them or duplicate an existing category.

Thanks - will have to try playing around with that tongiht as I need to create my random encounter tables for the various regions of SHV.

What does the *mention* category stand for? Less important to story than minor?


I have been creating a different *individual* entry for each of these contained under the location of Fairhill, but this seems to be like a much more streamlined and easily accesible way to do this. Can RW pick up links from a cut a pasted table like that? For instance, if I wanted to have an *individual* entry for Shandril but alos list her in table, would RW pick up and ask to link when I paste the table in?


Thanks again for being so willing to share and help guide along with this huge project/undertaking!

I pasted the NPC list from Excel rather than RW. In RW, this table has links for all major and minor characters, as well as their locations and some of the notes.  I can quickly see which ones have more info available and can navigate to where they are most likely to be.

I use the category of "mention" for NPC's that are really just mentioned in an adventure but don't really have stats.  On page 43 under Magistrate's House, we have Arlen's family members listed as "Ginia (NG human female Com4; hp 14), and his daughter, Sirya (NG human female Com1; hp 5; Dex 15, Cha 14; Stealth +2)" which give just enough info to work from. I really like how FFG did these NPCs because you can always flesh them out more if the party shows interest in them but they'll usually just be window dressing.

I use the category of "minor" for NPCs that are part of the adventure and which have full stat blocks, but they aren't the focus of the adventure.  Let's call them supporting actors.

I use the category of "major" for NPCs that can have a major impact on the adventure. These may be villains or people with influence or the party interacts with frequently. And as players interact with other NPCs, they may get upgraded to "major".

Most of the Lost Lands entries in RW are fairly short. FGG doesn't write pages and pages of content on each NPC, location or item. But some entries are much longer. The assault on The Keep in Crucible of Freya is a good example. There is a lot of good material that isn't easy to split into nice little chunks....

I opted to do a high level approach with each area of the keep having details and HeroLab portfolios. But I needed something that pulled it all together. I tried each assault route as its own entry but knew players would take a hybrid approach or get detected and so I wanted to see all the options at once.

This works for me, but I'm intersted to know if my interpretation of the module makes sense here. Any suggestions?

Not got to that part yet, but the way I was thinking about it was spliting it up into different alterness, this may mean 6 pages, and keep then in one container. Them follow it it with the storyboard.

As I have said I have not got that far yet, but when I do will post my ideas. Just starting on the Wilderness Areas Around Fairhill: Started adding pins and descriptions to areas. Yes I coloured the map in.

Here is the map lay out so far.

Here is The Lair of Karigror the Troll, took your advive on table and statblocks, feel it works much better so thanks for that. This is all striaght out of thebook at the moment, if the PC ever get there will add some personal stuff, already thinking about Karigror thinking the PCs are trying to steal his water.


Cheers Frank


Hey guys, I just wanted to say thanks for showing us what you have been doing with Realm Works. I too have the program and have been using it since its release. It is really cool to see how each person is using the program as well as using it to enter the details from published adventures. I have only used it for creating NPC's, locations, and details in my world. So it is interesting to see it used for published material. Especially with the upcoming and TOTALLY AWESOME NORTHLANDS SAGA!!! So I have decided to take your cue and begin entering the information, maps, and characters from the first four adventures of the Northlands Saga. Just as AEIOU, I had a greater feeling of the imersive depth of the adventure when entering the information in addition to reading it. Hopefully by the time I'm done, the KS for the Northlands Saga Complete will be in my hands. I will then begin entering it into Realm Works too. Anyway I'm glad to hear several other GMs are using the program and shared it with everyone (wish I would've thought of that LOL). It is definitely a great and very useful program. I'm another who would give up my hard earned gold to have the Frog Gods produce Realm Works material. Great job on the hard work you did AEIOU and thanks for sharing it. Thank you and the others who shared there hard work as well. I sincerely hope the Frog Gods are listening and will consider Realm Works for the future.

All...thanks for showing how you're using Realm Works with the Lost Lands!  I'm hoping that Bard's Gate hits the content market soon, followed by the Campaign Set when it drops as well.  I'd pay serious money for that!

That being said, I'm entering in BG on my own in Realm Works, and seeing how everyone else enters data, formats it, etc. has given me a great number of ideas of how I can do it better.  Thanks for that!


AEIOUsometimesY, is there any chance you can share your vertical flowchart fo the Stoneheart Valley Dungeon in a readable format? My players are finally approaching after a lengthy & serious diversion in Fairhill and the ruined Keep. I have read through the dungeon twice now, but there isso much there it is hard to keep it all stright - a visual reference like the flowchart would be a huge help! (as has the Timeline someon posted in a different thread!)


I would like to second this, AEIOUsometimesY. Seriously.

Okie dokie. I'll get that posted this week for you guys.  A late Christmas present.  :)

Keep an eye on the MAPS section of these forums....

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AEIOU, if you haven't, you should contact the Frogs about the Realm Works content market and the possibility of getting this kind of stuff up there. I know you've spent a long time putting together what you have and having something like that available on the content market would really be great. I would definitely be interested in it because I don't have the extra time to devote right now to putting my own stuff together for Realm Works, and that is been the biggest reason why I haven't used it as much as I would like.

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My players are also just about to enter the stoneheart mountain dungeon so readable flowchart maps would be super duper helpful. I am also struggling a bit to conceptualize it as a whole. So, thanks in advance AEIOU!

Map was uploaded to the GM tools section of the forums. Enjoy!

I appreciate the support, but I hesitate to request permission to make my RW stuff available because I fear I'll be fielding support questions, feature requests and "why is this link here if there isn't any information in it" forevah.  More importantly, before I bother Bill or Greg or Skeeter, I want to be able to show them what I've done by sending them a copy of my data so they can decide whether it meets their standards and RW won't support that (until tomorrow, fingers crossed).

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That makes sense. The support questions are something I wouldn't want to deal with either and I can also understand wanting to be able to present what you've done and feel good about it. Either way, I'm still impressed with the amount of work you've put into it and also envious of how easy it must be now to find things given RW makes that easy.


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Thank youuuu!