Grimmsgate Chronicle

Session 1

We find our party walking down the road, the ever loyal Francis at their back. Aranthil has inherited a property. Banter passes back and forth, each wondering what the place might look like... But none quite imagined Grimmsgate. Rundown, destitute, and nearly empty of both buildings and people. Nevertheless they have arrived, and after speaking with the guard decide to head further in and see what the place is like. Speaking to the innkeeper, they're directed to the Church of Law and the Cleric within. Thankfully, the Cleric has some knowledge of the town and its history, as well as keys to the various empty buildings. One of which belongs to their Wizard.

The house itself is an interesting space, in clear need of repair; at the very least it is a (mostly) solid roof over their heads. Knowing they need to secure funding, they sought to both introduce themselves to the rest of the town and seek out work. The smithy and the drunken Dwarf, the Emporium and the perverted gnome, the old lady with strange taste, the grumpy old man. The farmer. They find little of use, but the gnome wants antiquities and they secure night work at the inn as entertainers, potato peelers, and serving wench.

Thankfully things get a bit more intriguing as they hear rumors of both Harkins' Ford, and an abandoned Temple. Realizing they need customers both for their own business and to work at the inn, they head off to the Ford to check things out and find out why no one has come from that direction. The human skulls are not a comforting sign. Admittedly, they're a sore sight better than the Ogre that comes charging out from the brush. With some fast spellwork from Aranthil, the Ogre falls to their blades and their arrows. Not one to waste the meat if it can be helped, Nakun quickly sets to cutting the beast up.

Returning to town tired and triumphant, the party putters around the house for a bit as they wait for it to get late enough to head to their night jobs. The night passes with little of note, the Bard singing a lovely ballad of their fierce battle, the young children presenting carved figured of the party... Only for the potato-images to be smashed by a 'dragon' potato. Evidently, rumors of a dragon abound, but no one has seen it in some time. Something to avoid, for sure. Only two customers arrive, and the inn closes early.

Heading back home after sharing a meal of Ogre stew with the innkeeper and his wife, the party wonders. What next? Their second day in town has certainly been a mix of ups and downs.

Session 2

Of course, nothing can ever be easy. The next day the party sets out once again, exploring further afield. They run across the Elder Temple, and spend a fair bit of time deciding on a course of action as they explore the various entrances. With one having various skulls and bones lining it, another with the symbol for Chaos, and a third with a sigil designed to keep something in... Prospects seem grim. Finally making a decision, the party heads inside. 

Thankfully, they run into little of note except a number of molemen; all of which seem to be quite flammable. It doesn't take long for the group to advance and clear out the enemy, deciding to head back to town after making some headway; they wouldn't want to be late for their night job. Nevertheless they're well aware there is much more to explore. Carting several molemen bodies and a table back to Grimmsgate, the guard seems resigned to their antics and merely waves them through. 

Running various errands, the party tries to figure out how to construct a cellar under the house, create a smoker in the backyard, and meanwhile Tali goes on a date. They also managed to acquire milk from Steven, and vegetables from the old man; at double the price, naturally. Inquiries as to the price of the nearby house lead them to find out it's 600 gold, practical highway robbery for the hellhole they find themselves in. 

Drunken and Tali make plans for another date, Steven is coming over tomorrow, and Melly and her husband are coming over for dinner. Although they've made little inroads as far as the Temple, they're certainly making several connections around town. It makes one wonder what's next on the agenda, a dinner party?