Enter the Shadow Frog

Greetings from the Den of the Shadow Frog!

As of NTRPG Con 2014, I am now a Swords & Wizardry developer for Frog God Games. I have been a gamer since the 1981 D&D Basic & Expert sets before I quickly moved on 1e AD&D. I skipped 3e along with its multiplicity of complexity and was unfortunately fooled into playing 4e for a brief time. I have had the opportunity to work with Matt Finch on Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook with the revision of monster stats. Also, I am particularly proud of my revision of the undead turning table which corrected errors that have been around since 1e DMG. I continued working with Matt and Skeeter on Razor Coast and have done significant amount of the conversion for Stoneheart Valley and The Lost City of Barakus. For those that know me personally, I am a stickler for rules and format consistency in S&W products at least as much as possible due to its free form nature. A consistent foundation is important as fertile ground for the imagination to take in new directions. I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity to continue to work with the other Frogs.

As to my real name, you may be able to discern it from a credits page. I live in a city north of Dallas within the Great State of Texas with my wife and three feline children aka cats.

- Shadow Frog (“only harmed by spells that are both rare and unusual and may kill the caster”)

Quote from Davy Crockett, hero of the Alamo:  "Let your tongue speak what your heart thinks."


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