Bard's Gate player guide

Hi guys,


I'm prepping for a new group of players and bought the Bard's Gate player guide. I'm not sure how to use it, so I was wondering how you guys use it.



I think the intent is for you to just print it out and have them find them organically, like newspapers lying in the gutter! 

I actually didn't use them, even though I bought it with the kickstarter; Bard's Gate is the starting city, but I didn't want the party to get bogged down with all the sidequests when I wanted them to go out and start searching for the Sword of Air.

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The problem is that some high level quests are next to low level quests, so if I just give them to the players at low level, there is a chance they will pick the 'wrong' quest. 


Maybe I have to wait until they are a bit more high level for them to buy/find the papers. 


Thanks for the reply.

That's part of the fun of FGG's products--the players are able, if they wish, to get in over their heads. I flat out told my players there's a bounty on the head of the black dragon that took over Bard's Gate's Mines...if they can get it. I want my players to be heroic...but also want them to be aware that death is literally one die roll away.

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Ok, sounds like fun. I'll Keep this in mond.