Lost Lands Lore?


After collecting many S&W PDFs for nearly 2 years, I am ready to start running a game (son just old enough)  - if I wanted to get a feel for the Lost Lands campaign world (prior to to be release Campaign set), what modules/articles/source books are best to read first? From pantheons to governments?

I will be trying to import some Midkemia products as well as eventually Sanctuary of TW. I had wanted to merge GH and LL, but between my lack of time to even get to basic mapping skills with my CC3+ - I decided I don’t think have time to try to replace areas of GH with LL or to lesser degree visaversa. I suffer from inability to choose lol. But figure LL is better start than moving modules alone to GH since my old 30 years ago gaming pal has 0 knowledge of Lost Lands so will be more fun for him.

Tips? Will probably start with SHV and place in relative vicinity other dungeons / adventures to be organically stumbled across plus others triggered by level. Heard good things about Air and Bards etc, but figured start with a village as a base (once get to it) then move up as PCs become more “worldly.”

obviously RA will rear it’s head at some point, but it may be for when we create secondaries so they have time to explore for bit.

Stoneheart is a good starting point.  The lost city of Barakus is also fantastic.  You can intermix the two as the Crubicle of Freya has a plot hook that will take you to Endhome - and vice versa. 

Bard's Gate is fantastic - monumental even and perhaps the best city book I've ever gotten my hands on - I'm personally skittish about using it as a starting place because there is so much to the city it can suck you in and there is your campaign lol.  I would put a Bard's Gate campaign at a higher complexity level for the GM - and as such for a group starting out (or dusting off as it were) I'd stick with SHV or LCoB - Endhome is a big enough city without being lost in it :)

Stoneheart Valley + Sword of Air. I also want to get the Borderlands book, because I feel like that has a lot of lore and history in it, and I want Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms. Definitely get Bard's Gate, too.

Thanks for the tips, I was thinking of SHV but did want to crosspollinate with LCoB.

I have those and Bards/Rappan/Sundered/etc. What I really want to get my head around is where can I best read up on the Gods/countries/history/etc.

I could try to read through all the PDFs in scanning form, but for all I know info is hidden in deep in the books or even in Lost Tales or magazines or forums etc.


Figure, I want to collect the type of info which would be included in future Campaign books.

For example, as I read SHV I see a description of mostly converted Norse gods. Is this a generalization for LL or just this area? etc.




These lists are not complete - AFAIK every adventure has a little bit of cosmology in it - I've been adding them to Realm Works and I'm at 69 dieties (some of these are aliases). 



You certainly don't need info on *every* diety to get going.



Will start going through these at lunch. Yeah, I just wanted to get grasp of cosmology that might expect to see down the road but haven’t gotten to reading that adventure or source book (I do have Bards and believe every “regular” LL source by now,  basically I think only thing I didn’t get are Blight related and Razor Coast (though have players guide and maps for that))

I had planned on adding in most of the  Norse Gods (surprise...when started reading), some Greyhawk, couple odd plucks from some lesser used novel myths and some parts of C&C baddie mythology.

My intent is to separate into area pantheons “historically” and then figure out which are the main/prevalent ones. I wanted to avoid bringing in a god(s) that already had a perfect counterpart in the LL mythos.

Looking forward to reading the info. I like to pepper n god swears and expressions while playing so it’s good to know my pool ;). 

Also, some of the Perilous Vista books have some information on gods and deities. I just forgot about them. I really wish I had the older ones.

Sweet. Thanks!!!

Wow, those numbers are daunting and I thought the incredible Wikipedia page “Greyhawk Deities” was canting (yet, incredible.)

I’m feeling that I will grab most of the Common and collect the info as it currently is (from the point of view of SHV area) then toss in a couple from outside that seem to fit as alternatives for players. Should no one select a particular thrown in god, I will keep it low key and out of my adventures (unless it is one I love) until I see what Greg, et. al. produce in Campaign setting.

100 is too many for me... :)

Back to my lore question, where’s a good place to read about his Hyperborea history, my 10yo won’t catch it but everyone else at table is 50+ and will have questions due to prior impressions of that name.

Reading SHV, having a real hard time with Bowbe as a barbarian god. I assume it is pronounced Bow-bee? Sound like it should be a Telly-Tubby instead ;)

I might replace him with that “The Thunderer” or even Cromm.



I've always pronounced it as "bow-bay", "bow" pronounced like "take a bow". 

Don't do it.  Casey will haunt you forever and ever.