5e Necromancer Products

Since there has been a lot of interest in the question of what products are going to be released for 5e, I can give a bit of information on that, with two caveats: (1) they are officially Necromancer Games, not Frog God - this is a legal disclaimer, and (2) the timetable is heavily dependent upon other products not slipping around, which products are prone to do.

The first upcoming 5e book is planned to be Borderland Provinces, the part of the Sinnar Coast region adjacent to the Sundered Kingdoms. It is largely a campaign book, although it contains several "lair" type adventures and one full-length adventure called "Rogues in Remballo." Rogues will also be released as a free adventure, hopefully at the beginning of the Kickstarter.

Somewhere in the same timeframe, we have a book of lower level adventures for 5e (Quests of Doom 2 - not QoD1 vol 2, but officially QoD2): these are all conversions from existing short adventures. We picked out a set of the intro/low level adventures as a useful resource, so long-time fans might or might not have already seen these. It's a 5e-specific conversion resource. We will not Kickstart that book, we will make it available through our mailing list.

Beyond that, we will also be converting (into both 5e and Swords & Wizardry) the adventures published in the Pathfinder terrain books (Fields of Blood, etc). Again, this is a conversion resource for the convenience of 5e players, not new material. (These are also QoD titles, but won't have a PFRPG equivalent since they are already out there for PFRPG).

The new material for 5e after Borderland Provinces will be Quests of Doom 4, a collection of free-standing new adventures that can be placed anywhere, but with "occicial Lost Lands" locations for those playing LL as a world setting.

Next new material is a book of adventures called "Adventures in the Borderland Provinces," a follow-on to the gazeteer, since the gazeteer only contains lairs and an introductory adventure. This book will round out the area with more resources. As with the Quests of Doom series, Adventures in the Borderland Provinces will be free-standing adventures with guidelines about where they are located in the Borderland Provinces of the Lost Lands. Ari Marmell is heading up that project, and I haven't seen the drafts yet, but they will arrive soon.

Borderland Provinces is a fairly traditional-fantasy region, but a bit darker than the ordinary elves-dwarves-orcs-Tolkien-Greyhawk type of setting. It has more of a Clark Ashton smith feel to it, together with heretics, lepers, opium wars, witch-hunters, and some unseen horrors lurking behind the high medieval facade. Nothing in the Lost Lands is as it seems. It's somewhere on the spectrum between the worlds of Greyhawk and Warhammer, probably a bit closer to Greyhawk. However, I'm a fan of the Thirty Years War and the tumult of Tudor England, which are common sources with WH, and the Borderlands are an area poised on the brink of chaos, so even though there aren't actual wars going on, it has all the symptoms of a civilization in trauma - religious fanaticism, shifting religious hierarchies, areas returning to the wild, secret alliances, and power vaccuums into which criminals, lesser nobles, and unscrupulous merchants are trying to stake out claims.