Against the Slavers...set in the Lost Lands?

I'm interested in setting my Against the Slavers tabletop game in the Lost Lands, preferably near Bard's Gate (because the book is phenomenal).  Where would be the best fit for the Classic A1-A3 series in the Lost Lands?



Interesting idea which could work well. Assuming

  1. Bard's Gate = Free City of Greyhawk. 
  2. The Gulf of Akados/Sinnar Ocean = Whooly Bay
  3. The Borderland Provinces = The Wild Coast
  4. Carterscroft = Narwell
  5. Endhome = Safeton
  6. Lowport = Fax
  7. Penmorgh = Elredd
  8. Hawkmoon = Highport
  9. Scar-in-the-Sky peak - Drachengrab

The other option is to keep the first 7 and have Highport/Pomarj/Drachengrab off the Sinnar Coast map

Thanks for this list!  I was thinking about putting Highport at Swordport, in the Hawkmoon domain, so that works there.  Is there any information on Swordport?  I'm no overly familiar with a lot of the Necromancer Games modules, though I did locate a copy of A Lamentation of Thieves for d20.  Would Freeport (Green Ronin) be a good stand in there?


There doesn't seem to be much written about Hawkmoon/Swordpoint in the Borderland Provinces it seems to be pretty open. 

I'm not very familiar with Freeport so I can't say, but you could probably be able ot use Highport as is and just change the name.

Thanks Andre!

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I think that this one is set in hawkmoon too:

So is bonegarden, apparently, but I own that and I didn't notice a lot of setting fluff in there.

I do recall reading somewhere that they would be putting out a book specifically on hawkmoon but that was awhile ago and as far as I know it's not immediately upcoming.


There are actually three modules (that I'm aware of) set in the Hawkmoon region -- G2: What Evil LurksG9: A Lamentation of Thieves and H1: The Bonegarden.  I don't think any of them go into detail about Sword Point but there is material already available for much of that area.  I haven't read these modules in detail yet.

A quick update...  Chapter 1 of Lamentation has a stat block for Swordport and an adventure in the sewers.  No maps though.

I found a copy of Lamentation on a used book bookshelf for like $3.00 a few months ago, but hadn't got around to reading it until now.  I currently have a party of 2 barbarians from Greyhawk's Frost Barbarians land, another PC from Ratik, one from Sterich, and a couple from the Verbobonc areas that I'm trying to find near-similar homes for in the Lost Lands.  That, plus finding dieties that cover the appropriate sphere (mainly God of Magic) for the players...there is so much information out there, but it's in little pieces here and there!  I'm hopeful the Lost Lands Campaign Set kickstarts soon to bring all the info into one more centrally-located place!  I've started the task of Realm Works-ing the data, but I'm hopeful FGG puts the information out in the Content Market so I can save myself the time.  We'll see how that shakes out as well!

You know, there's an adventure about slavers in the new Bard's Gate book, so you could tie it into that; I believe there's even a "Note" that could be modified to lead into more about the slavers.

That's in Cromlen's Ghost, I believe, which would be the first Bard's Gate adventure I'd run.  Note found in Lareth's lair points back to Bard's Gate, and one of the nefarious slaver organizations there.  As the players begin to unravel the tangled skein of operations, they are contacted by an organization or highly placed "patron" who hires them to find their missing daughter/son, and this leads from Bard's Gate to Sword Port, picking up with A1.  I've not looked at A2 or A3 yet, but I'm sure they can be woven in.

I currently have the PCs in Greyhawk's Hommlet...would Fairhill be a good analog to that in Lost Lands?  Small fortified abandoned keep where Lareth is working out of, dodging the Waymarch patrols (or more likely, being fed inside information from an agent placed in the Free Defenders perhaps, or even the Waymarch military contingent themselves.

Just my 2 cents....

Keep in mind the distances of the Lost Lands. The distance from BG to SP is more than quite a bit.  It's over 2500 miles. That's roughly the distance from San Francisco to New York City.... Those would be some seriously valuable slaves to travel that distance....

You may consider placing the slaving action in Eastreach or the Unclaimed Lands with Bard's Gate as the hub still as those regions have a lot of lawless areas and are a more feasible distance. Lost Lands hexes are 50 miles and they purposely left a lot of land uncharted to allow for campaigns to fill in the details.

Fairhill is mapped and statted already so I'd recommend Crimmor as a Hommlet. The Stoneheart Valley is still recovering from the Huun invasion so the roads are the most important thing to the military besides watching the northern reaches for gnolls and orcs. Crimmor is not right on the main road so it's less of a concern what happens there while they get things organized again.

In Cromlen's Ghost they mention Lowport as where they ship the slaves to.  Looking at the map, that's almost as far as Sword Port...and according to what I'm seeing in the book, it appears to be a wretched hive of scum and villany that should stand in nicely for Highport.  Thanks all!

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Crimmor would make a good hommlet for sure, it's not too fleshed out. For god of magic, Lost Lands has Jamboor and Hecate which are both pretty decent - Either could work. Jamboor is a (N) god of magic and death and Hecate is a god of evil magic (LE) associated with the moon. For Barbarians, Bowbe is always good - as basically the CN god of Barbarians.

This is a decent place to start for gods, let us know if you want more info: