Any good One Shot Halloween Adventures

Any ideas for a module/adventure that can be played on Halloween with either 1st or 5th Ed D&D.  




Ravenloft is always fun and spooky, the new Out of the Abyss from WotC for 5e is pretty creepy and madness based, otherwise look into lovecraftian adventures!

Hohohohohoho!...wait, wrong holiday. Mwahahahahaha! There, that's better.

Funny you should mention it, Mike. Stay tuned to FGG for the next few weeks for the terrifying! Spine-tingling! Metastasizing! (wait, what?) "7 Days of Halloween"!!!

Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!! Dang it! Who broke this remote?

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Greg, you are a fraken....


Okay I admitit, I'm looking forward to this.  OC I have a home brew adventure simmering right now for my own players.

CB, I only wish I knew what that meant. ;-)