Calendar of the Lost Lands

Is there such as thing as a calendar of the Lost Lands? No I don't mean with pictures of chainmail bikini-clad warrior princesses, I mean a list of the days/months? Do they just use Earth-equivalent or do they actually have realm specific names? And do they follow the same 24/7, 12 month sort of cycles?

I am about to embark on running four simultaneous Lost Land campaigns and I would prefer to get this kind of detail nailed down at the beginning rather than have to switch it out mid-stream.

Thanks in advance.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the recent blog posts. They are amazing and we use them in my game.

Yep, this ought to be what you're looking for. :-)

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Awesome!! Thank you both, my search-fu failed me 8(

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It's diffrent from what was written in Stoneheart Valley.  Mind you I like you're calender too, I'm just woundering why it was changed.  Or are there multiple calenders in the Lost Lands?

What was in Stoneheart Valley and where? I would enjoy comparing them.

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It was a thirtenth month lunar calender. 

(From StoneHeart valley page 4 last paragraph)

 Time in these Lost Lands is guided by the dance of our moon Sisters as they transit the Thirteen Houses of the Zodiac. Each year is comprised of hirteen moons, each of which consists of four weeks, composed of seven days, for a total of 364 days a year. The hours of the day number 24 after the lessed Tesseract. The seasons rely upon the dance of these moons to guide them in at the proper hour and recede in the presence of the new season as  arrives. All beings on Lloegyr revere the twin Sisters in some form or fashion as the key to life upon the earth...


Ah, I was trying to remember where there was a calendar in the Stoneheart Valley until you quoted it. That is from the Foreword where I was giving a sneak peak at Lost Lands development. The long of why it really long. I spent a long time working on the time stuff, verisimilitude, and discussions with Matt on how calendars are created and then evolve. Our 12 month calendar is a hodge-podge of influences explaining things like why we have a month named 10 as the 12th, a monthe named 9 as the 11th, a month named 8 as the 10th and so on. So with the counting of days (building weeks, months, holidays, etc.) it just came down to a 12-month calendar working better for what we were needing.

The short answer is that it changed in the development process. As mentioned in the Foreword, the work on it is still in progress, so it is subject to some change as we figure it all out, and that was one thing that changed. There probably is a 13 month zodiac calendar at use in the Lost Lands, but it is not the main one we've gone with. The text of that sneak peak is about 99% accurate, but you have correctly detected part of that 1%.

So there was no specific reason for the change (other than the overall design process of the world). But as for other calendars in use, from the timeline given in Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms you'll see that there are three different major numbering systems for the years, so it stands to reason that there are going to be variations on calendars. I just want our base one to much more similar so that if GMs port Lost Lands material between campaign settings they won't have to deal with a weird conversion fit like that (not that most material would rely that heavily on calendar info, but some people do get that deep with their games, so I don't want to muck things up for them).

Anyway, that's a good catch on your part with the discrepancy!