Citadel of the Griffon

Is this in a product, I don't have Bard's Gate (waiting for the Pathfinderized version, sorry...), but I was curious.


Yes Bard's Gate has a half page description of the fort & troops therein. No floorplan though. Other than that, I dont' know any information about it. Nothing in my newly acquired Stoneheart Valley book?

The updated Bard's Gate will have info about the Citadel of Griffons, though it may not be much more than already exists in the old Necromancer Games version of Bard's Gate. Perhaps a map (I'm trying to remember if Casey showed me a map in his BG files when I was talking to him at SoonerCon or not). It will also include some information about the previously undescribed Citadel of Ravens, that was mentioned on page 10 of Bard's Gate* and then never discussed again.

*Page 10 actually refers to it as the "Citadel of the Raven", but that is an old Forgotten Realms stronghold of the Zhentarim, so we will not be using the same name and are changing it accordingly.