Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms

The new Kickstarter for this Lost Lands gazetteer and adventure path has launched. You can find it here:

Hopefully we'll have a graphic up for it on the home page soon.

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In like Flynn!



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In for the S&W version.  Looking forward to this one!

Thanks, michaelsandar!

Hi guys, I'm a backer of this kickstarter. Looking at the map os Sinnar Coast region at page 6, I've noticed that it's in low res. Where can I buy a high res pdf version of the Sundered Kingdoms (as for Region of Akados)?

You should have received the pdf of the poster map as well. Shoot Chris an email at You don't need to buy another copy. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On page 230, there is reference to Player Handout A. I've searched high and low but can't find it.

That page by the way is worth its weight in gold for the great background it provides for Bard's Gate and its military its ties with Waymarch. Thank you for the great insights! I really look forward to an updated release of Bard's Gate if it includes more information like this and a cleanup of the errata regarding the map.

Just curious. What is the corresponding page in the S&W version?  I tried looking for mention of Bards Gate but was unable to find it.

It's a full page and is part of the Vengeance in the Hollow Hills adventure right after the introduction.  It's labeled Bard's Gate Expeditionary Force in the table of contents.

Duh! Thanks AEIOUsometimesY


I havent read the AP yet focusing just on the world section so far. So many Lost Lands products so little time to read through them.

I hear you. I've been focusing on the Lost Lands materials rather than the adventures. That item just jumped out at me in the table of contents as out-of-place so far from Bard's Gate so I had to skip ahead. :)

I'm glad you like it. the disjointed nature of Necromancer Games products is part of the fun/challenge to stitching the Lost Lands together, and as a result Bard's Gates is turning to a much more nuanced and deeper place than it originally appeared. I think that's a mark of the strength of the original design is that it leaves so much opportunity to support a much larger framework. Anway, an update of Bard's Gate is in the works and it's chapter 1 will include a MUCH expanded explanation of its geography/sphere of influence. Page 230 is very much an example of the kinds of information it will contain.


Player Handout A (which in my opinion, after the artist's take on it turned out to be one coolest player handouts I've ever seen) can be found in the Player Hanout Appendix, on page 388 specifically.

Ahhh, I hadn't gotten to the appendices yet. That IS a great player handout! So much goodness there. Now you've got me sidetracked from the rest of the material as I flip through all the maps and handouts at the end. Fun, fun, fun!

I'm glad you like it. :-)

The artist who handled it hadn't had a ton of experience with RPG products and when I sent him the art order for the elves' map to give the players, that's what he turned in. At first I was kind of amused and was like, "That's kind of funny, but whe he just need a player handout we don't need to the whole illustration like that." But then I stopped and looked at it again and realized it was a really cool way to illustrate a player's map and decided it was not only a keeper but maybe one of my favorite pieces of art in the book.

When you're involved in RPGs long enough you start to just sort of have automatic expectations for certain things because they've been done that way for 30+ years. Getting a newcomer's take on it can actually be very enlightening sometimes. I was happy to not get what I was expecting on that. :-) 

I just received my physical copy of the Cults. Sooooooo......when does the next kickstarter start? :)

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I'm with you on this!  When do we start?  Can't seem to get enough of the Lost Lands!


The Lost Lands: The Northlands Saga Complete should start on or around August 31.

What pantheon would Kudrak belong to? And how widespread is his worship on Akados?

Should I presume that all of the gods of the cults are Demon Lords and/or Ginnvaettir except Kunulo (???), Mirkeer (Hyperborean), and Cybele (Hyperborean)?

Kudrak is a lesser god of the Foerdewaith pantheon. He's a fairly common god around the Foerdewaith lands of Akados with humble follwoing among the smallfolk. He's not exactly big-time, but most folk know who he is and maybe even invoke his name for luck or safety on trips, adventures, etc, since he's a god of guardianship.

You're presumption is solid. I can't think of any outright exceptions. The big wild card in it is probably Hastur as a Great Old One, but he can probably justifiably be considered among the Ginnvaettir. And even Tsathogga and Dagon touch on that particular area a little bit themselves (as something like former Great Old Ones), so Hastur isn't totally "out there" for the group.

P.S. Kunolo is counted among the non-human gods and is categorized into the "Oceanic/Benthic" pantheon (though it's not a true pantheon in the sense of necessarily having a single lead god like Zeus or something). Specifically Kunolo would be part of the Benthic portion of that category as a deep-sea power rather than simply a god of ocean creatures (the Oceanic powers).

Other specifically Benthic powers would be Dagon (a demon lord and former qlippoth lord and possible former Great Old One) and Dajobas (a demon lord and god of the Tulita), so you can see how there is some crossover in these categories.

Got my physical copy a few days ago.  It looks hugely impressive.  Really enjoying the Frog God product.  I have been enjoying Golarion with Pathfinder but think I may move my planned campaign to the Lost Lands.  Ultimate sandbox.


Thanks WPT! You just made my day. :-)

It's really just a fun land to adventure around in and stomp around with.  There's enough for you to enjoy as a player as mystery and it's comfortable to have as a DM as you can set anything there.