Daily Deals

Is anyone else getting a message that today's Daily Deal coupon is invalid or already expired?

I did.  Said expired.  I sent a message to support about it.

Ok its fixed.  That was fast!  Much thanks to the frog gawds.

I've been enjoying the daily deals!  I haven't taken advantage of many, but I have gotten some really good deals!  I also sent the Razor Coast one to a friend of mine who is running Skull and Shackles.  He told me that he took advantage of it.

All that is just to say... THANKS!!

Hi all;

It's been like  a week and a few days since the last Daily Deal that I received?  Has there been any any daily deal in the past week?




Not sure what's up with that. Try contacting Chris at  https://froggodgames.com/support if you're not getting them.

Well, the daily deals have been going for some time now, so it could be that almost everything in the catalog has appeared?

I've not received a daily deal for about a week and a half either.