Dual classing

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I have a question concerning dual classing: does the player invest his XP in the nominal level that would result from adding his prior levels in a class and the new one, or does he "become" level 1 in a new class without spending? If so, does he loses any XP gained previously?

Another question this one more specific. Suppose the PC is a lawful fighter that wants to take the vows of a paladin. Do lvl 1 Paladins start with magic weapon and armour??

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I am at work, I don’t want to guess on Dual Class rules since I was previously us8ng AD&D1e.

But as for armor/weapons, unless the DM decides there is so,e “gifting” going on, simply changing classes should not result in any gain of gear. If you changed from MagicUser to Fighter, you would not instantly have a sword and suit of chain appear. Unless for example, the MU joined a militia or retinue that supplies its recruits with gear. It would have to be very High Fantasy indeed to expect recruits to be handed out magical gear ;)


Thanks for the reply!
The gear part was more concerning freshly rolled up characters. For this particular case I'll use the currently found poor for the magic weapon (+1 Longsword) and the rest will come relatively slowly, unless of course all mentioned gear is expected" from a system point of view.
We are currently playing Grimmsgate and they have already beaten Arumvel but the catacombs remain largely unexplored. I plan to have Rhall (priest in Grimmsgate) have the would be Paladin figure out how to restore the temple to the service of the law, allowing him THEN to take the vows...