FGG Official Discord Channel

Greetings All!

Currently all information about things like upcoming releases, opinions and discussions are spread across a multitude of social media sites and forums. Therefore, I set up an official Discord Server for Frog God Games to make it easier to obtain said information. If you are not familiar with Discord it’s like TeamSpeak and Skype rolled up into one, and FREE!

Discord is an all-in-one voice and live text chat for gamers that is free, secure, and works for Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, and Linux. It’s built specifically for gamers in mind. I personally use it to host my two games I run each week, in conjunction with Roll20 for Grimmsgate and The Lost City of Barakus.

Zach has kindly given his permission to run the official FGG Discord channel. Goals with Discord are as follows:

  1. To combine all resources in one, easy to access place. Both through links as well as the Discord pin system.
  2. Provide separate channels for discussion of S&W, PF, and 5e.
  3. To get real-time chat with FGG players from around the world.
  4. Products, special offers, and kickstarters announced in one combined spot.
  5. Get the Frogs involvement for live chats and voice, as well as some of the content creators/reviewer folks.
  6. Get website, facebook, twitch, and twitter integration going synced with Discord.

I’ve already added in all the Free Products FGGs makes available to us as well as a few of Greg’s blog post for ease of reference and access.

So how do you get to Discord? Follow the directions down below and welcome to the community!

Step 1.) Go here https://discordapp.com/download

Step 2.) Click which is best for you Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, or Linux and download it.

Step 3.) Once it has finished downloading click the + button surrounded by a dotted circle on the left hand side

Step 4.) Click the Join a Server button and copy and paste this into it https://discord.gg/HKUZfUv

Step 5.) Say something :P

Note: If you don’t want Discord starting every time you start up your computer. Go down to your system tray (near your clock), and find the Discord icon in the currently running programs list and right click it. Uncheck “Run Discord when my computer starts up”.

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I joined but when I try to go elsewhere in there I am told I don't have permission.  What do I need to do now?

You're good now just needed to bump you up a rank. Announcement and Welcome-mat are read only should be able to post everywhere else =)

Same for me.  No permissions to speak anywhere, it appears.

K found the issue that was going on here. Any new person joining should be able to talk right when joining instead of waiting for me to flag them.

FGG Twitter feed now working in Discord =)

Cool, man, I'm in!

FGG Twitch feed now working on Discord! When they go live it should ping the announcement thread in the discord server.

Have about 85 folks in there thus far. If you haven't joined yet some interesting convos going on. Some folks are even looking for groups or looking for players for their current games.

I would like to thank Zach and the rest of the Frogs for letting me get this going for them.

FGG YouTube now working with our Discord. Facebook should be happening soon.

So now I need Discord to stay uptodate with Froggod's news and deals?

Response to fritsk: Absolutely not. It’s a tool like anything such as FB, Twitter, Twitch, and Email. It just supplies a different need than a standard forum or website could such as:

~Voice Chat option for people to do pick-up games or prefer to do conversation interaction via voice.

~Live text interaction. Acts as a different type of forum because it’s instant and live constantly.

~Has important link storage for finding important links quickly. (this will be converted to cloud storage in the future where there is just 1 link that takes you to files and sheets with this information on it)

~Has dedicated kickstarter channel where all the updates are posted, and FGG kickstarter responses are stored in this channel.

~We have another text channel for news that currently announces when Zach goes live for his Twitch, Twitter alerts when there is a new tweet from FGG, youtube alerts when there is a new video posted, and we have FB alerts coming soon. All these give a brief preview of what the context of the news is so you can click on it or not.

~We have different content creators in the industry as well such as James M. Spahn, Rob Conley, lots of folks from D20PRO, and Erik Tenkar. We have newer content creators that are just starting out. All of these folks get a special label inside of Discord, so they standout a bit more and people can converse with them.

~We plan to have live Q&As not only with the Frogs, but with these content creators and not just the bigger content creators we are talking about the newer folks as well to give them a platform of what they do amongst the FGG and Tabletop RPG community.

To answer your question “Do I need Discord to stay up to date with FGG news & deals”? No, like I said at the beginning it’s just a tool, but a pretty cool one that puts all those news and deals in one central place. Think of it as a combination tool, with a community of lots of folks constantly conversing and sharing things about Tabletop RPGs, FGG material, and beyond. Much like a forum, but quicker, and offers some things more than a forum can do on its own.  

Aha, so it's a bit more interactive than a regular forum then. Thanks.

I do need to check it out then I suppose. I hope  it's nicely traversable and not like Google+ which seems geared to people that continually watch it.