Fields of Blood

A really good read so far.  I particularly like the layout and detail for the Ethtuwate Pantheon.  The sections on history, clergy and shrines was very nice. Indeed, the religion sections of this series continue to be top notch.

Over 100 pages of adventures. Madness Grows takes place to the north and west of the Gulf of Arkados map I think. Feast of Fury is located on the continent of Libynos. I skimmed but couldn't find where the adventure Red Wedding takes place.

The Black Blizzard entry under hazards brought me back to my childhood growing up in North Dakota. Blizzards often brought along topsoil from the farmlands and over the winter, the snowdrifts developed layers of dirt and snow that created a muddy mess in the spring.

Lots of magic items and spells. I giggled over the Box of Straws. It's such a simple novelty item and a nice implementation of the well known drawing straws to make a choice game.

And lots more....  I have a lot of reading to do still but I wanted to stop in and say thank you.

Sounds awesome!

Going to get this as soon as I can!

I'm really glad to see that you're enjoying it. Writing it was really fun too. Feel free to fire away with any questions or observations that you may have about the book. 

And thank you again. 

Red Wedding is also set in Libynos.

I was afraid you were going to say it was set in Libynos. Fields is right up there with the Dunes of Desolation. You keep teasing with adventures on other continents with no Libynos projects on the horizon yet. Don't let that stop you though!  :)