Gods in Bard's Gate



So I read Bard's Gate for 5e and I remembered I bought the old version on pdf.

I took a look and I noticed the gods section was not included in the new version. I guess this is because of the pending Lost Lands setting coming soon.
But I wonder,  will there be much difference between the information? Or could I use those gods who are not already mentionned in 'the Borderland Provinces'?



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I'm not official Froggie, but Skeeter (I think it was Skeeter EDIT: Maybe it was Greg) has mentioned going through every NG/FGG product to collect all the Deities, and it is a huge amount. I am pretty sure they are all canon and will be included, so use any that you have seen before.

Use 5e Borderland Provinces or use d20 Bard’s Gate then simply replace the domains with the appropriate 5e ones. There really is no wrong answer here. All deities will be presented in Lost Lands Campaign Setting eventually. Any differences will be negligible.

The only differences I can imagine are on the domains. You can make a pretty educated guess for conversion from PF or importing from other worlds as there are only a handful of domain choices in 5e.

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Ok, thanks guys! 

I got another one for you the Abandoned Abby in Area 19 of the lyre valley in the Bards Gate Book says it is dedicated to Vanitthu however I can’t find any info on him nor his religion any where in Bards Gate Books or any Lost Lands Setting Books I currently own from FGG so far that I picked up. Any info you can give me on him or his religion would be helpful which book he would have appeared in would be a big help be a help.

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Vanitthu I found in the original d20 Bard's Gate for dnd 3.5. It has a picture of a knight riding a griffon and a red frame around the pic.

I also found a bit of info in the wizard's amulet as one of the pregens is a cleric of vanitthu.

Vanitthu is a god of war, but more the stalward protector then the god of destruction,... 

He also often appears and helps besieged cities,....


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There is an entry for Vinitthu, within Hero Lab, if you have the Rappan Athuk files active:


Vanitthu (RA)

God of the Steadfast Guard

Martial Perfection

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Healing, Law, Protection, War

Favored Weapon: Spear

Some claim that Vanitthu is the son of the great god Anumon; others go so far as to say that Vanitthu is yet another aspect of the great god (this schism has caused considerable conflict within the faith).  In either case, Vanitthu is the embodiment of martial perfection, law the strength of the state, and the punishment of the guilty.  A grim and resoltue deity, Venitthu is always shown bearing a spear made of lightning, and a polished mithral shield.  He often appears to his followers on the field of battle, especially to those engaged in or defending against seiges.

Symbol: A gray shield emblazoned with a stylized black fortress tower

Garb: A gray tabard with a black tower sigil

Form of Worship and Holidays: Prayers are often said to Vanitthu at the start of seiges or by guardsmen prior to heading out on the beat.

Typical Worshippers: Barristers, judges, guards, professional soldiers, military officers and nobles.

Appears in: Rappan Athuk.

Thanks everyone for your help!

I also found Vanitthu in the Razor’s Coast Freebooters Guide on pg 44!