Hexcrawling the Razor Coast?

I made some very crude, b/w (because that's the only printer I have) hex maps for the Razor Coast, derived from the color map in the book. They're not very detailed, and kinda meant to be used in conjuction with the color map.

It's got both 24-mile hexes and 6-mile hexes. (Inspired by Albatross Press' map style.)

Now, any ideas on how to add some hexcrawling elements to parts of this campaign? Some ready-to-use keys, lists of encounters, monuments etc I could get. I've almost spent all the time I budgeted to prep the campaign so I'm just looking for something easy, and it won't be the main focus of the campaign anyway.

Just in case the party decides to go camping in the wilderness or exploring between towns and dungeons and islands.

We're using 5e. I'm going to add the Yawning Portal dungeons to the area too, changing details in them to fit the Razor Coast world. Especially looking forward to The Lost Shrine.


The Hex Crawl Chronicles series is a great source of locations to use.  The other thing I use is the d30 Sandbox Companion by Richard LeBlanc.  It gives tables for random generation of features within a hex, then more tables to generate castles, ruins, and settlements.  For hexes without encounters, I use the Raging Swan Wilderness Dressing series to generate fluff descriptions.

Pathfinder is a very good source for random encounter tables, and Pathfinder stats can mostly be used directly in 5e.

Really nice solution!