Justicar of Muir Prestige Class for 5e?

I've been working on my conversion for Stoneheart Valley, and was considering trying to make a Prestige Class for the Justicar of Muir. I wanted to know if anyone's done something like that already, and if not, what they'd do for that part of the adventure. 


My first thought is that it lets you summon weapons, armor, and shield, a la an expanded Pact of the Blade warlock ideal.

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I  know you posted this a few days ago, richard, but I just came across it. 

If I was presented this question as a DM, I would inform the player that Justicars of Muir are considered Oath of Devotion paladins and call it done.  I don't necessarily think that you need to go down the super-detailed route like Pathfinder does, but that's just my opinion.  I wouldn't reinvent the wheel, personally, when something's there that does the job already.

That's true, I suppose, and I could do that--however, it does lose something in the adventure, because it's an interesting idea. A Justicar hasn't been around in a while, and being made one would need something of equal importance.

However, I've got some ideas on how to do it now; I was just hoping that someone else had done it already!