Lost Lands Campaign Setting question

One of the very best parts about The Sword of Air campaign-adventure, were some of the hex-based encounter areas on the world map itself.

Will there be plenty more encounters like this to come in this Lost Lands Campaign Setting book that Greg is working on, or will it be more like histories and world lore only?


I think, given the size of the continent in question, it won't be as detailed as Sword of Air. Instead, it'll probably be mostly lore and history, perhaps with a few new adventures added in here and there in a separate book, as they've said it will be a box set, whenever it comes out (late next year, I would guess). 

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Greg can provide more information, I'm sure, but from my brief discussions with him about the Campaign Setting, my impression is that it will be lore and history primarily. As for what format it will be, that is still TBD. There have been discussions about a box set but we will end up making a decision that makes the most sense, isn't cost prohibitive, and will stand up to wear and tear. All our products going forward other than the Quests of Doom series will be in full color, so we have to consider what looks best given that.

No, I have no idea on ETA, other than when it's done and Bill says go.

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Unless the boxed set is indestructable I'd prefer a slipcase with some hardcovers if there is oodles of content. While boxed sets have a nice old school vibe they often aren't that durable.

That is accurate, I feel. I love me hardcovers like crazy. My next two purchases will probably be the Borderlands and Borderlands Adventures books, since those are 5e already, depending on the release date of Tome of Horrors.

My only request is that the hexes be easily divisible, like 360 miles flat-to-flat on a hex.  That way I can break it down into a 6 segment hexes of 60 miles, and can break that down into 10 segments of 6 mile hexes.

My guess is 200-foot hexes, to match the 50-foot hexes on the existing published maps.

Yeah, I would understand that.  It just seems that 50 doesn't break very well into smaller hexes for creating my own zoomed in maps.  I have to take liberties, which isn't a huge deal, but it'd save me some maths work.

This is why I redrew the world from scratch -- so I can redo the hexes to a scale I prefer.  While 50 mile hexes are easy on the brain and 5 mile hexes were the old-school Judges Guild standard, 6 mile hexes just make more sense for hex crawls.


It would be really helpful to release PSD or CC3 files for maps so gamers can modify them to fit their campaigns. 

I'm really trying to avoid doing this, but I think I'm going to have to eventually.