Lost Lands Deities

Not a map. Sorry. This is an Excel list of quite a few deities from the Lost Lands with domains, pantheons and sourcebook.


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The chart to the right is unreadable. "A" and "B" are fine, but "C" through the rest is just a bunch of gobble-d-gook. There isn't a way to tell what the source book is.

You'll need to download the file and open with Excel. Row 1 is rotated 90 degrees because there are so many entries.

For those that do not have Excel, here are the pantheons (orange) and the sources (green). The lists are in the order shown in the spreadsheet.

Common Gods to Akados
Ancient Folk
Barbarian Gods
Demon Lord
Sects of Mah-Barek

Ancient Kingdoms: Mesopotamia
The Lost City of Barakus
Bard's Gate
Chaos Rising
City of Brass
The Coils of Set
Dunes of Desolation
Elemental Moon
Fields of Blood
Hall of the Rainbow Mage
Rappan Athuk
Quests of Doom
Stoneheart Valley
Sundered Kingdoms
Tuatha De

Try expanding the column size. I was able to read all of it after I did that.

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There is just one problem with your use of Excel, I don't use Microsoft Office. Also there are no colors in your post here.

OpenOffice.org or Google Docs should be able to open it! Both are free.

Tossed to my players and they have offered their souls as payment. Thank you kindly AEIOUsometimesY

Souls accepted. :)

Good list.  You have a duplicate of Balder and Baldr.  

Edit:  I see now what you did.  Various spellings of dieties appeared in different books, so you included all the spellings.  Well done!

Not just because they are from different books but also different cultures.  The same gods are worshipped in different locales by different names. I'm going through them now to convert domains to 5e.  It should be fun to see how close I am when the official list comes out.  I'll post y list eventually but I'm working on importing all of the Lost Lands deities into HeroLab at the moment. I think it's doable but it's a boatload of work.

I'm looking forward to your 5e conversion, AEIOU!  I've started putting things in my Realm Works, but figure I'm just wasting time until they offer the data for sale in the Marketplace.  At that point, I will buy it with a quickness!

I haven't heard of anything other than Razor Coast and The Blight being available in the RW market (and these two are being entered by LoneWolf, not the Frogs -- they were stretch goals for the Kickstarter).

There is a LOT of material already available. And every time I open a topic I find more material to add or I standardize it.  My focus has been on the Lost Lands setting first and adventures second.  FGG is going to want the setting out there so that people buy the modules, so there may be a chance they'll let me post setting-only content to the community to suck in more converts. But before that could even be a possibility, I have a lot of work cleaning up ahead of me still.

I absolutely agree that they'll want the setting out there.  Hopefully, they start the process of kickstarting it (if indeed that is what they're doing..it sounds like a good majority is written).  I'd happily buy the dead-tree format of the setting, as well as the Realm Works version of the setting.  My own entry is slow...just entering stuff from Bard's Gate and a few of the other PDFs I have.  Good luck!

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Thanks a lot for sharing this!