Lost Lands gods

Quick question: which product details the Lost Lands dieties?

Right now the deities have been detailed piecemeal across a multitude of products where their worship appears. However, the comprehensive list of them will appear in the forthcoming Lost Lands Campaign Setting. Other than that, they just exist as an ever-growing spreadsheet on my laptop. :-)

Ok, fair enough.

Reading through Stoneheart and Tsar now and have come across a few gods. Can you recommend one or two more products I should pick up to get the details on a few more deities to hold me over until the Campign Setting is done? Thanks!

You distract Greg, I'll stick a thumb drive in his laptop. I need no more than 2 minutes.  k?

If that doesn't work, you can always start with this list. Focus on the Bard's Gate deities as they are the most common in the currently known world. 


"Um Greg? I was reading Tsar and now I seem to have this weird tingling in my fingers and the tips are turning black...could you take a look at it?" (Go, now, thumb drive!)


{awesome link - exactly what I needed, thanks!}


I'm afraid that's the avascular necrosis kicking in. It comes from handling a book like Slumbering Tsar. Unfortunately there's really nothing that can be done about it...hey, where'd my thumb drive go? Well, at least somebody left a thumb in it's place. So, what were we talking about Harneloot...Harneloot?

In a way, I hope the setting takes forever. It's been fun getting little nibbles of info and insight the last several months from Greg. 

I'm glad you like that. I had hoped ti would be cool for you guys. It's the kind fo thing that I would have eaten up as a player/fan. I remember all the little Greyhawk tidbits that Gary would leak in the early issues of Dragon, and I loved those things.

One cool thing about it is that I'm still wrapping up the final portions of my NG/FGG catalgue review, so I'm still discovering and adding little things as I go. All of the major strokes have been put in place, but there are a lot of little details emerging that help me flesh out vague area. So it's still a discovery process for me too, which is a lot of fun.

Now that my semester is winding down in the next week (just in time for the cons to start :-P) I'll try to get some more stuff posted for you.

Some sample timelines? Or human migrations? A bit about the Forest Kingdoms or Aachen Province? Those would be fun to check out. As much as I'm looking forward to Sundered, I'm more interested in the locales that border around Bard's Gate at this time (but I'm sure this is going to change with the wealth of detail Sundered will have and its proximity to Barakus).

Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms has a huge timeline and some human migration information. There will be a TON more of that in the campaign setting. I'll try to post up some samples of those this summer.

We've got a Bard's Gate expansion in the works right now as well with future products planned to go along with it that will expand greatly upon the Bard's Gate area and Gulf of Akados map.

Also, Matt just finished writing The Lost Lands: Borderlands Provinces which covers the areas between the Sundered Kingdoms and Bard's Gate (Aachen Province, etc.), so you'll have fully described linkage between there and Endhome and all the way down to Hawkmoon really (it stops at Hawkmoon, because that will be its own future book). In other words, Borderlands Provinces basically covers the whole western half of the Sinnar Coast map while Sundered Kingdoms details pretty much the whole eastern half (minus Oceanus: it's own book later as well). It should be releasing at about the same time as Northlands Saga.

Barakus and Rappan Athuk both cover their tiny little corners in detail respectively, so when these two books release you'll have detailed coverage and many adventures that basically cover everything from the Sinnar Ocean in the east to the March of Mountains to the west. (Oh did I mention the adventure book called Perils in the Borderlands Provinces--I think that's it's name--that'll be coming out late in the year? Well, there's that too). So I think you'll like the coverage we're giving the regions in the Lost Lands in preparation for the campaign setting. :-)

{typing with toes as fingers have completely blackened and crumbled apart}

Great news/info Greg, thanks! Any official timeline for the release of the campaign setting? Will it be a KS?



It will be a KS, and we're projecting its release in the latter half of 2016.

Perils in the Borderlands Provinces....  Spiffy!!!

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The name has been pared down to just "Borderland Provinces" now.

If you need more than the names/stats listed in the link above, the 3.0 version of Bard's Gate has a pretty nifty appendix that gives some descriptions of the various deities mentioned in the text. Most of those correspond pretty well to the deities encountered in RA, Tsar, SOA, Stoneheart Valley, Barakus, etc...

Ok, Greg. Tell us about Zors. Can you share how (and when) this once prosperous faith with temples all over Bard's Gate fell to it's current state of a single "notch in a back alley wall around the corner from Beggar's Row"? I see lots of references to Zors in Slipgallow. Is the decline an aftershock from the Deacon's disappearance? Have politics changed to make Zors unnecessary? Was it just the fickleness of people?

Thanks! Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend!