The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley for Newbie DM

Hello there

I am only just getting back into Roleplaying games. Am involed at the moment in a 3.5 campaigh on Roll 20, and a 5e campaigh.


Have never Dmed before, and came across Frog God games. 

Read the Wizards Amulet and really liked it, and picked up a 2nd hand copy off The Crucible of Freya 3rd edition version and reading it at the moment.


I now want to order The Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley, but I am not sure what version to get either Pathfinder or Swords & Wizardry.


Never play Pathfinder but I have the core book.

I just need a bit of advices, would you buy the pathfinder version and learn the system?

Or buy Swords & Wizardry and try and convert it to 5e as there is already a Wizards Amulet 5e version.


Cheers Frank


I'd do pathfinder, since it plays exactly like 3.5... Well almost exactly. It's a decent amount of conversion between S&W and 5e

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If you are interested in 5e, there is a third option. Use the original d20 Necromancer adventures especially since you already have Crucible of Freya which is contained within Stoneheart Valley.

One reason the d20 System adventures are better for 5e conversion is because closed monsters were included in these adventures under the now expired license. For example, in Tomb of Abysthor in Level 5, there is Lokuag, Most Foul High Priest of Tsathogga who is a grey slaad meeting with several kuo-toa. Both of these closed monsters were changed in both of the S&W and Pf versions of Stoneheart Valley. For 5e, both are readible available within the 5e Monster Manual. For other monsters, the d20 version has a simplified stat block compared to Pf; use the ability scores, ignore the feats and keep only the relevant skills, use the hit dice as as a starting point for 5e CR, cross-reference and/or replace the spells.

Of course, if you want a hard copy, then you are left with either S&W or Pf (unless you can find a 2nd hand copy of Tomb of Abysthor). The S&W version can be challenging for converting monsters that are not in the MM or Fifth Edition Foes. If know the 5e system well, it is possible to wing it based on the 5e challenge rating and expected party level. The Pf version adds some complexity compared to the d20 system version. However, 5e monster conversion is significantly easier using the Pf Bestiaries and Pf Tome of Horrors Complete (monster stats free on as a starting point. Other elements like traps are easily converted following the recommendations in the 5e DMG.

It is a tough call based on an individual's preferences and experience. If 3.5e is known, one can learn just enough Pathfinder to convert to 5e. Also, many Pf differences are easily ignorable to play 3.5e instead. In a nutshell, the Pathfinder version gives you the most options based on what you are currently playing.

Thanks all for the advice, think I am going for the pathfinder version, and will be ordering the book  this week. Thinking of playing pathfinder now.


Cheers Frank

Good choice!

Hello there


Yep brought the pathfinder version. To get use to the rules a bit more have also joined a Slumbering Tsar game on roll20, in which I am playing a very busy cleric, enjoying it so far. 


Have also started to set up a campaigh in Roll20, so far have imported the Gulf of Akados Region Map and started to build the battle maps for the Wizards amulet, have done two camp sites and just starting on the farm house area for the final battle. Have made some NPC tokens and some of the npcs.  Also invested in Hero lab and brought the Stoneheart Vally files, which I have started to import the Gen PC backgrounds into, and editing Reme into Fareme, as that is where I am starting the campaigh.

Things to do is create all the NPC and do some macro work to make dming a bit easier, but at the moment I am in no hurry.

Also been reading a lot about Realm Works, and thinking about maybe using this software to keep track of everything.


Cheers Frank




Keep in mind Reme is different than Fareme.. 


Greg posted that in another forum topic here..

Yep Reme is different than Fareme.

AEIOUsometimesY gave me a nice pointer about Fareme here 

I have moved Feriblan the Mad, and The Starving Stirge inn from Reme to Farme. So that the background of the story for the Wizard's Amulet all takes place in Fareme. Which seems to work for me.

Hello there

First off I hope I am not breaking any copy right infringments. 

Have done all the Gen PC tokens, quite liking the B&W look now.

Have uploaded The Lone Goldfish map for now, but my next job is to make a map from Fareme to Fairhill. 

Here is a like of a screen shot of it all in Roll 20.


Cheers Frank




Looks good - I do like the B&W look of the pictures. 

I have recently started trying to puzzle out Realm Works to use in my upcoming Stoneheart --> Tsar campaign. Have watched all the tutorial videos and gave started putting in NPCs and village names. Seems like there will be a huge amount of prep work on my part getting all the info loaded into the program but will be totally worth it in the end. If someone had already done all that data entry and internal linking I would be willing to pay a goodly sum for it! 


If you have questions, feel free to post them here or on the RW site.  RW is a rather unhealthy addiction.  I've been fighting the urge to bug Greg for esoteric minutiae to fill in gaps in the lore I've collected.

My Lost Lands RW database is over 1500 topics and that's primarily world locations, towns and primary Stoneheart Valley NPCs without delving deeply into any adventures beyond Stoneheart Valley.  It would be much larger but I am taking a few months off from entry (until Northlands is released).  It would take an awfully big blessing from the Frogs but I'd be happy to give away my work if others would build on it and expand it to include all the FGG material just to suck people in.  Muahahahaha!!!  But that really is asking too much from the Frogs.  Especially since they are porting Razor Coast to RW and may do the same with the rest of the Lost Lands eventually so RW could prove to be a decent revenue stream some day.

Thanks, I will head over to the Realm Works forums and poke around. However, I mustt say that I feel a bit depressed at your *1500* entry statement...just seems so huge and overwhelming that it makes me not want to keep going (I think I have 15 entries right now). There is just so much to do to prep a good campaign that when you add data entry on top of it, well, it feels overwhelming.


It goes quickly though it does get tedious at times. I'm focusing on the campaign setting first and specific adventures second. I have a much better understanding of the entire setting as a result, where the migrations came from, which gods are named different things, how cultures differ. But I'm also not running a game right now. I'm just enjoying the adventures in my head. :)

Oh how I iwsh the content market was up and all the Frog God products were on there!

I am trying to make myself do at least 5 entries per evening and it is helping me learn the details better. I have one month before I have to go behind the screen again!

Hello there

When I purchuse Realm Works you may be the man to go to AEIOUsometimesY.

Well have been working on my map of the Stoneheart Valley area. Its the first time I have done anything like this, and didn't realise how much work is involed. All done in photoshop, I know its not the best and in the future I may go back to it. But as a player hand out it will done for now.

Here is a link, any feed back is welcome. Map


Cheers Frank



That's looking good, Frank. I like that it's not super detailed so players can fill in the gaps as they explore.

As for RealmWorks, ask away here or even better on the RW forums where there are lots of experts so you can get several approaches and pick the one that fits your style best.



Thanks AEIOUsometimesY


Yeps thats the idea to fill in the gaps, as its sll on layers in Photoshop very easy to do. Next update could be the smaller roads to Fairhill and Crimmor.This is what it looks like in Roll 20 Here Have changed the background to black, and done some minor changes.

Cheers Frank


This is really cool guys. I don't know many details about RW, but I like what you're doing with it.

if you'd like to bug me for minutiae, I'm happy to answer just with the caveats of 1) I may not be able to get to it in a super timely manne sometimes and that 2) much of Lost Lands is still a work in progress, so I may be simply unable to answer some questions at this time.

If you will start an appropriately named thread (so I can find it easily) here on the forums, I will try to field questions at least once a week depending on my school schedule and other life stuff.

After Northlands and Blight are out the door, my focus goes to organizing and cataloging all the disparate Lost Lands notes I've got in order to get the campaign setting published. So I may actually need to check your RW stuff just to help keep me straight on a few things. :-)

Plus if you see an answer that doesn't jibe with something else, you can call me out on it. I've got a good handle on it I think, but there's always the chance I've missed some tiny reference somewhere. I still have PTSD from writing an Ecology of the Dracolich in Dragon Magazine for the Forgotten Realms…shudders. Those guys are pretty rough.


Thanks for that Greg.


Little update on prgress, taking some time out from imputing into Realm works and have started on a map of the farm in the Wizards Amulet in roll 20,  still got to add a few things like bodies, farm animals etc.

Picture here of how it looks in roll20.

Have also started to input all the NPC's into Roll 20, next big job in Roll20 is to do a spell macro with all of Vortigern spells.


Cheers Frank