Lost Lands (work in progress)

It's amazing how much work it takes to piece together the Lone Lands from random snippets found online.  Here's the start of my piecing the puzzle together.  RA is further south.  I'm looking forward to seeing the maps for Barakus and Sword of Air to see how I match up and where I can expand to.  Many thanks to Greg Vaughn for his participation in the Kickstarter discussion...super helpful!

Why draw new maps when we know printed maps are coming finally. I'd like to be able to change names, add roads, shift locations and generally muck with the world.

This is a work in progress showing the Stoneheart Valley region. I'm hoping it posts ok....


Suggestions?  Cease and desists?  Corrections?

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We released 16 limited edition copies of Greg's hand drawn map in Dallas last weekend. The real one is almost done!


We also went over the main world map draft--its in progress as well

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Awesome!  Really looking forward to these!

Now that would have been a prize. Congrats to the happy new map owners!

I would say it would be nice to be a fly on the wall for those map planning sessions, but I have a suspicion that's a shortlived experience in these parts.

Another map combining the work of Leadjunkie, Frost and of course Clark overlaid with the maps from SHV and BG. Thank you to all of the pioneer mappers!

This version is super low-res and the hexes nearly fade away but it gives the gist.  Blue bubbles are Stoneheart Valley encounters; red bubbles are Bard's Gate encounters.  Where they overlap, SHV trumps since it's more recent. This map matches up the hexes almost identically but I did take some liberty in drawing terrain features.





Taverlan is a town overrun/captured by gnolls. I list it on the map as I have a player version of the map without the lettered locations and it serves as a location that can be talked about in Bard's Gate or if the players never adk around and hear rumors of the fate of Taverlan, a place for them to head to to sell goods and rest up.  Muahahaha!!!

In case folks are interested, work on my Lost Lands maps has continued.  I've finished all of the Sinnar Coast and have about half of the Gulf of Akados completed. The political boundries were cleaned up from my original rough estimates thanks to the descriptions in Borderlands. I've now got a nice continuous map from Hawkmoon to the icy wastes of the Northlands now which keeps getting more detailed as I find time to waste on it. :)

Since the most common question people seem to have is "Where is Rappan Athuk?" I've added a map of the Forest of Hope region down to Endhome. These are 50 mile hexes.


There was a request for a map with political borders and capitals.