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I'm reading The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces and I was wondering if it would be in theme to replace de spells from the players handbook with spells from The Lost Spells?

Or is it more a book for adding player rewards, ...

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Sure, it would be perfectly within theme to replace spells as you see fit. If some of the spells from the Book of Lost Spells for your game, even in the Lost Lands, then by all means, definitely make the swaps. The Borderlands Provinces is mainly an informational/lore book about that area and some of the places/people there.  

Are you planning on running adventures in the Borderlands area? If so, there is a great book that is companion to The Borderlands Provinces called Adventures in the Borderlands Provinces that has some really excellent adventures in it.

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Ok, I'll look through the book and change some stuff. :-)

Yes, I'm planning to make The Lost Lands my main setting for my 5e games. And the Borderlands will be my first steps in this setting. I've been reading the book and I ordered the quests of doom, journey generator and 5e Foes. 

After the hollidays I'll probably order the adventures in the borderlands, quests of doom volume 2 and quests of doom 2.

Quick question, I'm understanding this setting as when the romans retreated from the west of europe. Is this correct?

Most of the Quests of Doom are located outside of the areas we currently have gazeteer info on. Nice adventures but you'll probably need to relocate them if you want to use them immediately.

Borderlands is a great starting point for LL adventuring.  It's available in 5e, it has an amazing random encounter system and it provides a lot of background for several contiguous areas. This is easily my favorite FG publication.

Bard's Gate would be my second recommendation. Where Borderlands provides a broad picture, BG takes that information and localizes it. I really like that there are numerous stat blocks for the various guards, militias, mercenaries as well as underworld types as these are easily reusable in any urban setting. Mostof the outdoor encounters can be treated as a nice selection of pre-done mini adventures. Most importantly but also not well fleshed out is the fact that a few years ago, BG was under siege by the Huun. So whereas I read Borderlands as "history", Bard's Gate is "current affairs". There is an immediacy evident in BG that is missing from Borderlands.

Adventures in the Borderlands is a collection of adventures that are loosely tied together. Paizo AP's are definitely more coherent and laser-focused, but this offers a lot of interesting variety as each adventure has a different author. I'm using the adventures as one-offs rather than as a series.

5e Foes is a definite recommendation. Between this and the official monster manual you are pretty well set for most mobs you will encounter in the Lost Lands.

Journey Generator is pretty nice as it provides a means for moving the characters long distances. Given the size of the Lost Lands, this is helpful. Not essential but I like the concept a lot so I'd recommend it.

Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms would be my next choice. It's not available for 5e but if you have Borderlands and Bard's Gate, you have stat blocks that are easily used to replace these.  I use RealmWorks for my campaign management so once I add "goblin" as an entry, it uses that for everything so converting is pretty braindead. I think I like CotSK better than Borderlands for storyline.  I like cults....

And then I'd dive into Sword of Air which I can't wait to run.  Lots of really good background on a wide area of the Lost Lands.

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Yeah, I'm not sure yet as how my playstyle will be in the futur. I would love a sandbox feel with different events, so my players can choose to intervene where their interests ly. So having the QoD will give me this way of playing. Maybe I'll just flesh the locations out with what's there and spin what's not.

Interesting to hear your view on BG. It'll be my next purchase after the current ones. I do have de S&W pdf version. I guess the fluff will be the same, just the stats will be different. Or is the Huun attack so current that it is not in this 'old versioon'?

The reason I am walking away from FR is the high fantasy and the enormous detail of al the places. I felt like I had no wiggle room to add my own touches. I guess it's a bit OCD, but I want to use the npc's,... ect the book, and other media used, to build a consisted world.
I feel Borderland provinces gives me just enough info to get the juices flowing without restricting me. 

I didn't know the borderlands adventures where connected. Interesting to know. (another purchase :-))

I already have the pdf of 5e foes but I love the quality of the books, so it'll be my birthday present from my wife. :-)

The journey generator looks like a great tool and not very expensive. Have you got any idea about the player's Gazetteer and the players guide? Not sure it'll be usefull.

Maybe Cults will be translated to 5e by the time I have read. I'm going to pick everything for 5e from Frog God Games, so I'll just have to wait. :-)

Would Sword of Air be better that Rappan Athuk? I was eyeing this as it is in the Borderlands.


Thansk for you view of things, I tried to answer every point with my view, hope that's ok!




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I'm also interested in your view on Realm Works. I use Obsidian Portal myself, but I'm not sure what's the difference is and what would be better.

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AEIOU has transferred a TON of information on the Lost Lands into Realmworks. I'm hoping a lot of that type of info will eventually become available on the content market that Lone Wolf is launching this month. I've only started using Realmworks after having had it for awhile but not having time to use it. I can't speak to the differences between it and Obsidian Portal since I haven't used the latter, though.

A new forum for user videos and how-to's was recently added to the RW forums that you may want to check out to give some ideas of how people are using it:

RW is the program I dreamed about back in the early 1980's. I tried to build a campaign database back then but the technology and my skills weren't up to the task. To me the RW kickstarter was like getting a wish from a genie....  It's not perfect yet because I didn't craft my wish correctly (sorry everyone), but it's so much more than I ever thought would be possible.

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I'll take a look. A good genie always tweaks the wish a bit, so I'm sure it's not you fault. :-)

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Ok, so I bought realmworks. Quick question for entering monster stats, would you type in every snipper like AC, .... Or would you take a picture of the stat block and add the pic to the monster?

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I haven't seen confirmation on whether or not the setting is based off the Roman retreat from Western Europe in the face of the mass migration of the Goths and others, but I believe it is. There are too many parallels for it not to be, such as the Huuns, etc.

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thanks for sharing!

In what book could I find different weapons from The Lost Lands? Or should I make them up? I wonder because the book mentions in the different tech levels ship-borne cannons and firearms.

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I believe the guns are more a part of the Razor Coast 'Age of Sail' era, but that's not saying you could not have them in other parts of the Lost Lands, if that suited your campaign or preferences.  That specific product line is somewhere in the world, but not terribly close to the other Lost Lands material.  The Northlands is also in its own region, but that region seems to be a lot closer (the far north) of the main continent (main, as in other stuff is set there too).

Guns are very much a part of Oceander, the Duchy of Southvale and Bard's Gate as well as Razor Coast.  

Here's an excerpt from Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms regarding a shop in Penmorgh that may interest you:

P34. Powderer and Gunsmith
Hrolf Rocksmacker (LN male dwarf expert 9; hp 40; Craft [alchemy] 
+16; Craft [firearms]* +16; Gunsmithing*) is the only gunsmith in 
Penmorgh, for though firearms are available in the Empire of Oceanus 
they are still quite rare and expensive items, especially on the mainland. 
Even the Imperial army can claim less than a thousand gunners among 
their number. Rocksmacker’s shop is small but he does exquisite work, 
each weapon a true work of art. He is old and very nearsighted thanks 
to years of fine detail work, as well as hunched from leaning over his 
workbench. Any firearms enthusiast who finds his way here had better 
settle in and get comfortable for Rocksmacker likes nothing more than to 
converse for hours with fellow aficionados. Unfortunately for the party, a 
group of merchants purchased Hrolf’s entire stock for trade abroad only 3 
days previous to their entering town. He should have another serviceable 
weapon in approximately 2 months.
*Rules regarding firearms can be found in Pathfinder Roleplaying 
Games Ultimate Combat.
Note: If you do not wish to include firearms in your campaign setting, 
simply replace Rocksmacker’s stock with standard melee and ranged 
weapons and replace his Gunsmithing feat with Master Craftsman.

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I missed that entirely...

Interesting, to say the least.

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Ha nice,

So I don't need to wordt about firearms untill one of my players starts asking about it. As they are so rare. Thanks!



Does this book, or any other book (5e or not) contain a list of the deities of the Lost Lands? I've just started running Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms, which I'm converting to 5e. The first session was last night, and the players are using FR deities where applicable, and I told them I would try and track down the deity list if available.

Look at my post in the "User Created Maps" section of these forums for a list of deities.  I've been working on importing them all into HeroLab for 5e and I feel good about the domains but they certainly aren't "official".  Would that info be useful for people?

Thanks, that is incredibly useful :)