Northlands Saga Kickstarter is live!

*tosses money at the screen*

Juat take my money!

I am undecided about throwing my money at this project largley because it did not "get my attention". When i first consider a KS i roll through the presented info and images. My first impression, and one im still having a hard time shaking is how bland it felt. The visual presentation did not excite me. This stems from the choice of the four very similar landscape sets. Everytime I look at the KS it just does not draw me in, to read or otherwise "figure out" the project. Consequently I am yet to be sold.



It's an adventure path with campaign setting information.

The Frog's seem to focus on super high quality products that are on time and exceed expectations rather than marketing. Look around this site and try to figure out what half of the products really are and you'll see what I mean -- very little info.  If you need to be sold on this, I recommend heading over to the Paizo boards and read some of the FGG threads to read the praise and get some insights into what this is.  I find that it sometimes takes a leap of faith. I trust these guys and my adventuring interests align with what they write so that leap was easy for me. Your mileage may of course vary.

This is unfortunately very true. We're generally terrible marketers, but thanks for the trust! I'm glad we haven't let you down. :-(

One thing that would help a lot in this regard is reviews. Right now, many of our products have no reviews or just one review, and that one review is usually Endzeitgeist. There is no expectation that anyone duplicate the level of detail and precision that EZG does (remember, he's a professional reviewer). However a few honest statements and a rating go a long way to getting more people, who aren't familiar with FGG products to look at them on the big sites, such as Paizo, PRSRD, Enworld and others, provided of course that the review is positive. Naturally, negative reviews do the opposite, but they can also be helpful to the designer by showing some potential areas for improvement or pointing out topics that people want to see or don't want to see. 

I agree. After being overwhelmingly impressed with Rappna Athuk, Tsar, Sword of Air, and Stoneheart Velley I am all in on anything they produce. Sword of Air in particular is really gorgeous and awesome, both for content and production value.

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I'm sad that I won't be able to throw money at this project, but my finantial situation doesn't really allow it at the moment.  Hopeing to get most of the stuff involved for a lot cheaper during your Daily Deals.

Understood, Kthulhu. This kind of stuff definitely has to take a backseat to real life. Rest assured, it'll be available on our website for some time. And I wouldn't be surprised to see it among daily deals at some point in the future.


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Speaking of the Daily Deals, am I just not getting the emails, or has it been a while since there has been one?

Hi guys, I must fill in the backerit survey but I haven't understand if "The Long Winter's Night" bundle is for the Swords & Wizardry version of Pathfinder's one. Can you help me?

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It is for both systems. Each system is separate line item that should be selectable for either Pathfinder or S&W or both.

Thanks, Shadow Demon