Rappan Athuck VTT maps for sale?

I'm a bit late to the Rappan Athuck party having just picked up the Pathfinder version a week or so ago. I've already pitched my group on it, and it is looking like it will be the next thing I run. My players are surprisingly excited to be playing in a game where they will most likely die horrible deaths. I guess it's all about expectation.

In looking into tips and resources for running this beast of an adventure, I stumbled on the now completed Kickstarter for the collection of VTT maps. Are there plans on selling the full pack with both flat and layered images through the site once they are available? I use MapTool as a battle mat replacement in our face to face game - It would be a huge time saver to have high resolution maps ready to go.


KS fulfillment is in Feb 2018 for the digital files. I would think availability on the website would occur by Mar 2018.

Excellent. I will keep an eye out on the site after February.