Rappan Athuk for 5E


The KS for Rappan Athuk in 5E is set to start on or about March 1.


okay, let's form the line :)

Let's do this :)

I will repeat my request for EU friendly kickstarters. Everyone else is doing it, so the Frogs must be able to as well.


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In a matter of minutes the Kickstarter for the conversion of Rappan Athuk, The Dungeon of Graves is set to begin.

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Okay since the KS is up, I have a quick question.  The soft cover add on adventures, will these be included with the PF/SW softcover, or will these only be avalible in 5ed?

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My understanding of the KS text tells me that softcover add-on adventures will be 5e only.

The tables have turned. At one time, during the Blight KS, a 5e conversion required a certain funding goal. This new material originates in 5e so my guess is that it may be availiable in PF/S&W as a stretch goal. Or not...

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Go, baby, go! Get $300,000!