Rappan Athuk Maps 2.0


I have re-made most of the Rappan Athuk Maps for my campaign.

Feel free to use them in your campaign.

Hope you like them.



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The main page with different postings comes up, but when I click on one nothing shows but a blank screen.

You need to download them to see the larger versions.  They are really well done and well worth the extra effort.

@bssutton27:  Great work! Thanks for posting them!

I can't download these. It seems to give me a video of a kid's Little League game. Any advice...?

Accidentally double posted.

The maps may have been pulled due to licensing conversations between d20pro and FGG and the map creator. I think it'll be a win-win-win for all involved but I'm not aware of the details beyond what has been posted publically.

I'm hoping I'm not double posting here. Is there anyone/anyway I could get a copy of these re-made RA maps? Perhaps from bssutton27, perhaps from someone else? I'm not really concerned about licensing concerns with d20pro as I don't now nor am I ever likely to use it.

I don't play Pathfinder and don't play except face to face. I'm about to start a RA campaign in S&W and including everything except the KS exclusive content Level 7B which doesn't seem that interesting anyway.

The Expansions Volume I doesn't have an expanded cross-section flowchart so I've just begun working on one that includes it. I've also begun extracting all the maps so I can at least compile them into a more useful format. But any extra work that I don't have to redo or might elaborate upon what's already been done would be enormously useful . 

Speaking of Expansions Volume I, has anyone notice the huge and repetative typo? Level 6B is titled "Bury the Dead" but every page heading for that level is titled "Burty the Dead". Now, is there a character named Burty that I simply have yet to find or did QA not notice this and at least fix the PDF - I realize it is far too late to repair the printed version. FGG has such normally high quality that a little typo here or there would be okay, but this jumps off the page and shoves itself in my face again and again. 

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Well, I hadn't noticed the Burty typo until you mentioned it. I was actually looking through my physical copy last night and had it handy. Quickly went to p111 for The Dead Bury the Dead and didn't see it, turned the page and sure enough, the header is Burty the Dead.  I can fix it easy enough in the PDF but now I'm going to have to whiteout the physical copy thanks to my OCD. Actually, I think I'm going to go with burty and figure out how to mix that into RA when I run it for my players soon.

We might consider starting a thread under General or something to track these kinds of things (I've noticed a copy others) so that they can be fixed in future revisions.

Wow this looked really useful.  Did this ever get resolved?  I would love to get a hold of these.

I just discovered Rappan Athuk and preparing to run a campaign on this, these 2.0 maps would really help, is there any way in purchasing them or obtain them otherwise?

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Full color, completely redone (and corrected) Rappan Athuk maps will be coming later this year. There will be a variety of options including VTT (grid and no grid). Look for more information around August.

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It's August! Where are our maps! 8)

And lets give this a bump. Because RA maps and a world map would be super.