Rappan Athuk Wilderness Hex Map request

What it says on the tin: Are there any hex maps of the Rappan Athuk wilderness area?

I second the request :)

Skeeter or Bill would have to answer this question. They know the ins and outs of that project much more intimately than I do.

Well, I just made my own following the advice from this thread on photoshopping in hex maps:

Hex map version of Rappan Athuk wilderness.

I think the scale is very close, if not exact.

Very cool, NP. Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks VERY much for sharing that!

Now, if we could just get a Slumbering Tsar Desolation Hex map too....(I am actually really surprised that there isn't one, given the hex crawl, exploration, sandbox like elements of Lost Lands in general and the Desolation in particular.)

FGG resources were kind of limited when we were putting together Tsar and we weren't even sure we could afford to make it or that the company would exist beyond its release, which accounts for a lot of its unusual deficiencies. (No poster map, very little new art, some very rudimentary maps, etc.). However, if someone were to make a map such as you describe and post it here, that would be pretty awesome. :-)