Some Humble bundle money going towards military personnel?

An email I just received said "Thank you all (all 27,852 of you!) for supporting our efforts on Humble Bundle. Hundreds of active military personnel and their families will benefit from your generosity".

I thought the Humble Bundle was for a water charity. Is the donation to military personnel something from FG's side, separate from those who bought the HB?

If not, I suggest this be said up front next time, since some people like me don't ever want to support that.

Just as a random person who saw the humble bundle page while it was active, I can confirm that for me at least, it was indeed stated clearly. There were two charities listed, one for Water, the other for the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Both were linked at the bottom, you would've had to actually scroll past the logos to make your contribution in most of the versions of the humble bundle site that I've used. The logos given generally open up more information on the charities involved when clicked. I am unsure about the exact split between the offered charities. Most Humble Bundles I've personally picked up have stated multiple charities as benefits.

I hope this helps you inform yourself in the future!

Thanks. I didn't spot it, but that may be because it was shown via cross-site scripting which I don't allow by default.

You also had the option to substitute charities. Every Humble Bundles supports charities and you always have the option of moving the little sliders around to give more or less to them, the publisher and the Humble Bundle folks.