Stoneheart Mountain Dungeon

This is a diagram map of room linkages for the Stoneheart Mountain Dungeon. There is no significance between blue and green areas (the blue has been fully entered into RealmWorks and the green are pending). Work shifted to other areas of the Lost Lands a long while ago and I haven't returned to Stoneheart Valley for a while. I'll be converting it all to 5e shortly.

The diagram map was created in RealmWorks using the Storyboard functionality. It is a navigable map that opens room info when you click the rooms. I entered all of the rooms mostly out of curiosity to see how RealmWorks would deal with a large dungeon. I'm pretty pleased....  :)

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Thanks so much for this!

Any update on when the conversion to 5e will be complete? I bought the Humble Bundle deal with Bard's Gate and I see references to this module and would like to tie it into my 5e campaign that's centered around Bard's Gate.