Stoneheart Valley Region Maps



Spoiler Alert:  These are combo maps for the region covered by both of Stoneheart Valley and Bard's Gate showing encounters for both products. These maps are for personal use only.

Please note that the original scale for this map per Stoneheart Valley and Gard's Gate is 6 miles per hex with a distance from Bard's Gate to Fairhill of ~75 miles. However, the official Gulf of Akados map shows the distance between Bard's Gate and Fairhill as ~180 miles. For my games, I am using a scale of 15 miles per hex to maintain consistency with new canon. And for those that might be interested in a great discussion on scale, I recommend this ancient thread:

thanks so much for posting these! They are teh awesome!!

In my own campaign I'm keeping the 6 miles per hex scale as I think that better fits what I'm looking for in a cohesive campaign area.


Same region, different view.

Here is a very rough draft of Stoneheart Valley and environs from my larger world map that I've been creating as FGG releases material.  It starts to combine the original Bard's Gate wilderness map with the new Gulf of Akados map. It's a bit of an annoyance that the premier location in the Lost Lands wasn't mapped with the layout of the original more closely in mind. The tricky spots to identify as they are anchors for the region were Taverlan and the gnoll fortress. They proved challenging because the mountains and rivers aren't a nice match between the old and new. I like that the size of Stoneheart Forest is rather massive now.

I've de-emphasised the keep and highlighted Karling's Contraption instead (because surely, anything with a name like that is begging to be a tourist destination). And since this is my GM's map, there are a few locations of interest to me.

I need to add hills, finish the mountains, add a few lesser traveled roads, and doublecheck distances so I can tie things together as seamlessly as possible.

Very cool!

In regards to your mentioned annoyance: The problem with mapping the premier location of the Lost Lands is that it was featured in multiple sources, and they never really did a great job of geographic consistency between them. For as a cool of an adventure as Shades of Gray was, it basically broke everything geographically to some extent, so we've had to do some backtracking and redesign as a result in order to clean it up and make it all work right.

Look for the definitive treatment of the Bard's Gate region in the upcoming Bard's Gate Complete. It'll be much more detailed and concise but should otherwise adhere to the FGG treatments so far.

Awesome news, Greg. I'm so looking forward to the upcoming gazetteer and Bard's Gate setting.

Fabulous! Invaluable! Gorgeous!

Thanks for posting these - will be using them in my upcoming Stoneheart Valley-->Tsar campaign for sure!