Sword of Air distance and rule question


Just received my copy of Sword of Air. Outstanding!

Two questions:

1)  How far is it from EndHome to Fairhill? I have not yet received my Sinnar Coast map so I can't even guess. My party started in EndHome but took the "Crucible" quest to Fairhill. I fudged their travel there but would like to be more consistent with the Lost Lands distance on their trip back (if they survive).

2) On page 13 of Sword of Air, there is a mention of rolling a 1d6 for every 5 miles traveled. Is that to determine the appropriate DC for the the party's getting lost survival check based on the terrain being crossed or something that I am completely missing? And should this be considered canon across all FGG modules?

Thanks in advance. I really enjoy running these adventures.

-- Allen


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Depends on what route you take.  The Lost Lands are very big.  Each of the hexes are fifty miles.  If you take the road east to Freegate, then south to the Coast Road - From there you hit Lowater Road, and cross at Amrin Ferry.  Then it's Estuary Road to Trader's Way, through Telar Brindel and south again to Endhome.  You're looking about about 3000 miles (wow!). 

You can cut that about in half though, if you go cross county (but then you aren't on a nice, safe road).  You could cut across to the Great Bridge or ford the Great Amrin river, hit the Wain Road to Carterscroft the south to Estuary Road. 

Either way, you're looking at a lot of travel time.

Looks like a teleportation gate is in order :)

Any thoughts on the "1d6" statement? With any skill points allocated to Survival it seems like its almost impossible to get lost. Unless the 1d6 replaces the 1d20 roll and any Survival skill points would get added to the 1d6 roll and the total has to beat the table on page 13.

Obviously, straws are being grabbed at. Or the reading hasn't been careful enough.

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The 1d6 is an artifact left in the Pathfinder conversion from Bill's draft used in S&W. This should be d20 roll.

Thank you for the clarification. 

Just an FYI, there is another "d6" reference on page 14.

I'll quit nitpicking now :) I really am enjoying the adventures. Can't wait for my players to get here.