Trade my PF for d20

Hey all, I just received my grab bag and have lots of Pathfinder books that I may not use. Anyone have d20 things they would like to trade. This is also the start of my collection so looking forward/open to almost anything.

Pathfinder softcover books that I have for trade:

Hex Chronicles 

  • HC4: The Shattered Empire
  • HC5: The Pirate Coast
  • HC6: The Troll Hills
  • HC7: Golden Meadows

One Night Stands

  • ONS3: The Spire of Iron and Crystal
  • ONS4: Dread Saecaroth
  • ONS5: Scorned
  • ONS6: Curse of the Shadowhold

Saturday Night Special

  • SNS2: Castle Baldemar's Dungeon
  • SNS3: Ice Tower of the Salka
  • SNS4: The Mires of mourning

Slumbering Tsar 

  • ST4: The Tower of Weeping Sores
  • ST11: The Throne of the Demon Prince
  • ST14: Caverns of the Barrier


  • Hall of Bones 

Below is a list of the d20 stuff that I recieved and would not be looking to trade for. 

  • Shades of Grey(I recieved 2 so if someone would like to trade for that I can)
  • The Six Spheres of Zailhhessh
  • The Grey Citadel 
  • A Lamenation of Thieves
  • Elemental Moon

Let me know if you are up for a trade! Thanks! As you can see I recieved a lot of Pathfinder.