Tradeway between Reme and Fairhill

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Am going to starting DMing the Stoneheart Valley soon. The Wizard Amulet starts off in Reme, along the tradeway, where the adventures are on there way to Fairhill. I downloaded the Gulf of Akados Region  map and it seems this route has expanded a litle bit. Thinking of now starting in Fareme.


Although Reme is not on the map, I guessing its west of Panetoth. There are a number of places on the map that have caught my eye, is there any information on these loctions in any of the books released so far?

  • Panetoth: I actually found that there is an adventure in Quests of Doom called Noble Rot - northern Kingdom of Foere (south of Panetoth [Gulf of Akados] and west of Province of Aachen beyond the Terminus Range[Sinnar Coast]) But is Panetoth in any other books
  • The Dagger and the Rose
  • Fivestones
  • The Grimburg
  • Fareme

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My notes below are probably from Bard's Gate and Sundered Kingdoms and maybe some musings from Greg online in the blog, on the Kickstarters or at Paizo.

Panetoth is a regional administrative center that oversees Waymarch.

Panetoth is located in the middle of a rolling plain, water is limited beyond a few collection lakes from the rainstorms that scour the plains in the spring and snow melt from winter. No major river cuts through this space so the heat of summer frequently causes water shortages. 

The temple of Mitra in Panetoth is able to keep dysentary and cholera from sweeping through the population as the annually dwindling water supply inevitably gets contaminated between the populace's use and the herds of grazing horses, sheep and cattle.

Fareme is under the protection of the Waymarch and has a strong cavalry garrison for its outriders to patrol the Tradeway nearly all the way to Bard's Gate.

Fareme serves as a caravan staging city. It's population during caravan season is usually around 10,000, but only about 3,500 of those are actual residents. 

Fareme is very much a city designed to accommodate travelers (lots of inns, pastures, paddocks, etc.) and has a huge market with a constantly shifting array of wares. The main inns have sign boards out front where travelers can post notices, advertisements, wanted posters, etc., so it is a perfect place for adventurers to get their start.

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Thanks for that AEIOUsometimesY, just what I wanted.


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The Dagger and the Rose is from DM1: The Book of Taverns

Fivestones and The Grimburg have not yet had any details released and will be featured in a future product at some point (probably as the focus of an adventure). We might touch on them a little in the Bard's Gate expansion; we'll just have to see about time and word constraints.

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