Where to start

I'm looking for a campaign setting to use in 5e games.  My preference is for a setting that is significantly less High Fantasy than say the Realms, or Eberron.  Early in 3e I had Tomb og Absythor and Rappan Athuk and enjoyed the hints about the world they contained as well as their general feel.

Where do I need to start to get a handle on the setting itself?



Stoneheart Valley is a good start; it's a sandboxy region pretty much in the center of the Lost Lands setting. Next, is Bard's Gate, the new edition. Central, well-done city setting book, with lots of details about the fuller setting beyond the walls. The two dovetail fairly well.

After that, there's Sword of Air (absolutely love this), Borderland Provinces, and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms. Those three complete an enormous area, with hints about further parts of the world. There's going to be a Campaign Setting box towards the end of this year, as well, which I am very much looking forward to, that's going to detail the remainder of that continent.

For the Lost Lands setting itself, Borderland Provinces and Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms have a LOT of material about the regions, the histories, the peoples and the politics.  Bard's Gate and Stoneheart Valley create a great sandbox but the rest of the north, east and west are only sporadically described.  Sword of Air provides setting info for a number of areas north of Bard's Gate. Finally The Northlands provides a great deal of information about the far north.

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Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms and Borderlands Provinces together probably give you the most setting + adventures for your buck, but setting info is pretty spread throughout the books. All the books mentioned are ace and all contain some bits of setting. 

The great thing is, if you just get a book with the adventures you want to run, you can always ask here about setting details and forum folks will do their best to fill you in. Sometimes Greg Vaughn even appears and gives ridiculously detailed info.

I live for those moments when Greg comes and teases us.

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Seriously. I do as well. I wish they were more frequent and he had time to still add to the blog, but so is life.