Would buy much 5th edition products from FGG

I've decided to switch from Pathfinder GMing to 5th ed GMing, and as a result, and with me being a fan of FGG products, I would be ready to buy many 5th edition supplements from FGG - especially those relating to the Lost Lands setting.

I wanted to let the good people at FGG know, and kind of wondered if there were many fans of 5th ed around those forums.


I agree, lets get some 5e stuff into the works.

I'd like to stick with S&W and Pathfinder.

I am not that tempted by yet another WotC edition.

There probably is a market for 5E though.

I suppose designing adventures in such a way that the content is separated from the rules crunch is not very practical?

I wouldn't get it, buy I'd be fine with me of it. It would give my wallet a break to catch up on all the pathfinder releases

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As The Wizard Amulet is a prelude to the Crucible of Freya and that The Wizards Amulet has been converted to 5e, I think it would make sense to convert The Crucible of Freya. Even if only a iPDF I would buy it.


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Seems that there is a quite large, pent-up demand for new 5e settings and adventures, and discontent with the relatively slow offiical release schedule.  Frog God could be ideally positioned to 'Release the Amphibian'!!

I would vote for a conversion of Rappan Athuk, but anything would be great.

Our plan is to release our Lost Lands books in 5e versions as well as PF and S&W. In addition, we've already got Quests of Doom (Vol 1 and 2), The Book of Lost Spells, and 5th Edition Foes released with Quests of Doom 2 about to be released as well as part of an entire Quests of Doom product line. Stay tuned, we'll be delivering more 5e as we go.

I think I read a Frog blogpost about conversions not being literal but just going for the same difficulty level.

This would mean you wouldn't be able to split your books into a system neutral adventure with rules specific crunchy bits in appendices?

It would save a lot on layout work, but may make the books less user firnedly?

I'm truly thrilled to read that !

I've always preferred to use game universes and modules with the system they were created for, rather than having to do conversions on my own (as I find that quite difficult).

As a GM leaving Pathfinder for 5th ed D&D, I find myself in need of a bevy of quality material for that system (the rythm of release of 5th ed D&D products from WotC being somewhat slow) - so a gaming outfit like FGG releasing 5th ed compatible setting books, modules and campaigns is a perfect fit for my roleplaying interests.

Be sure and check out Quests of Doom 2. It's another adventure anthology and is specifically for 5th Edition. It just went up for preorder today, I think.

It's only being released for 5e because it consists of some of our favorite adventures that we've already printed in various products for PF and S&W. So they don't need to be reissued in QoD2, but for our 5e crowd now you can have those adventures in your system too.

The adventures in it are:

The Spire of Iron and Crystal

The Mires of Mourning

Jungle Ruins of Madero-Shanti

Death in the Painted Canyons

Grimmsgate, and


A bunch of classic FGG stuff ranging in levels from 1-6 so you can start using it in your campaign right away.

They're pretty literal in as much as they can be between systems and still retaining the feel and strong points of each system. They may not be a word-for-word translation, but they'll be a system equivalent version. What that means exactly will depend on each individual encounter in each adventure. We're just not trying, for instance, to create a rules subset for S&W for every encounter to mimic what the PF version might do in that encounter. The S&W version will be an S&W version of the encounter intended to be run in an S&W way.

We'll still be doing separate versions for each book so the individual buyer can get what individual ruleset he/she wants to run rather than a neutral version with appendices which makes the individual books more expensive and makes it ideal for no individual buyer wanting to run a specific system. I think that probably cheapens the product for everyone except for the very few who really do want to run in all three systems while at the same time it makes the book cost more.

I did not mean to put a zillion systems in the same book, but may be several books with the only difference being the crunchy bits appendix? It would save on layout costs for the system neutral bits. Desiging the system neutral bits would probably require some more care and effort.

If you plan to release books for more than 2 systems then this might be worth considering as porting a whole book for each system might become pretty expensive.

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It's not all there is to it, each system has its own way of creating NPCs and monsters. There is a lot more variety in 5E than S&W, and an insane more variety in Pathfinder than 5E or S&W. (I'm not making a judgement call on what is better, just stating the realities of the rule systems.)

Here's an in-depth example from Quests of Doom 1 - Dead From Above.

In this adventure is a Hill Giant leader named Gurgulash.

S&W Stats
Giant, Hill (4): HD 8; HP 46, 48, 44, 42; Atk great spears (2d8); Move 12; Save 8; AL C; CL/XP 9/1100; Special: thrown skull bombard (2d8 plus 1d4 fire, 5ft radius).

Here, the leader isn't even given seperate statistics. A Hill Giant is a Hill Giant is a Hill Giant in S&W.

5E Stats
(Gurgulash, Hill Giant Leader: AC 15, 130 hps; +9 to hit x2, 3d8 + 5 bludgeoning damage [greatclub] or +8 to hit, range 60/240, 3d10 + 5 bludgeoning damage plus alchemist’s fire [skull bombard])
Gear: Belt of bones (see New Magic Items appendix), +1 greataxe, chain shirt +2, two skull bombards, silver bracelet (100 gp value), gold bracelet (250 gp value), silver snake-shaped ring (100 gp value), and small sack containing 200 sp, 178 gp, and 54 pp.

(Hill Giant: AC 13, 105 hps; +8 to hit x2, 3d8 + 5 bludgeoning damage [greatclub] or +8 to hit, range 60/240, 3d10 + 5 bludgeoning damage plus alchemist’s fire [skull bombard])

Gear: Hill Giants wear chain shirts and carry halberds and one skull bombard apiece.

In 5E, the leader is given some better gear, a magic item and has his stats slightly bumped up to make him tougher than the "lackey" Hill Giants.

Pathfinder Stats
XP 4,800
Male advanced hill giant (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary, “Giant, Hill,”)
CE Large humanoid (giant)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision; Perception +8

AC 25, touch 10, flat-footed 24 (+4 armor, +1 Dex, +11 natural, –1 size)
hp 105 (10d8+60)
Fort +13; Ref +4; Will +5
Defensive Abilities rock catching

Speed 40 ft. (30 ft. in armor)
Melee greatclub +16/+11 (2d8+13) or 2 slams +10 (1d8+4)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks rock throwing (120 ft.)

Str 29, Dex 12, Con 23, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 11
Base Atk +7; CMB +17; CMD 28
Feats Cleave, Intimidating Prowess, Martial Weapon Proficiency (greatclub), Power Attack, Weapon Focus (greatclub)
Skills Climb +12, Intimidate +19, Perception +8, Sense Motive +6, Survival +8
Languages Giant

Other Gear belt of bones (see the New Magic Items Appendix), hide armor, greatclub, gold bracelet (worth 250 gp), silver bracelet (worth 100 gp), silver snake-shaped ring (worth 100 gp), 54 pp, 178 gp, 200 sp

Here in Pathfinder they've done much the same thing as was done for 5E. They've "advanced" the Hill Giant and given him some better gear.

I've also seen NPC pirates in S&W that just have fighter stats and pirate-flavored gear. Where in Pathfinder they are FIghter/Rogues with the Pirate and Swashbuckler Archetypes applied. The Hill Giant above could have easily had a class level or two of Barbarian to spice things up even more. It doesn't because it's not the nature of this particular adventure.

If you want to see some amazing differences, check out Orcus' companions in Rappan Athuk S&W vs. Pathfinder versions. Because of what characters can do in Pathfinder, Skeeter Green had to get really creative in his builds to foil level 20 PCs godlike powers. (Even pre-Mythic rules.)

TLDR: Rules do inform the speciics of encounters so that we can maintain the tone of the game.

Also, there are no Gnomes in S&W which causes problems upon occasion. :)

Greg's point is spot on for many of us. Integrating the crunch where it's relevant is best rather than putting in an appendix. And every encounter would need multiple versions which are a whole lot easier inline rather than "goto page 192, section PF". Having to play choose-your-own-adventure with a module would totally turn me off. Target your audience and provide a quality experience.