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Tegel Manor level tiers  


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In chapter 3 of Tegel Manor it states that the adventure is designed for tier 3 characters. I'm wondering if it means level 3 characters or level 11 to 15 characters.


Anybody has a guess?


Thanks, Matthias

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A similar question was asked elsewhere and Bill's response was that it can be run starting at level 1 but there are places to avoid at that level.

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The statement in the Sanctum of Madness of “designed for 4-6 Tier 3 characters” means characters of 11 to 16th level. Specifically. I would interpret this to mean a range between 4 16th level and 6 11th level. Another example would be 5 13th or 14th level,

Has it been specifically play-tested for the above criteria? Who knows, so as to prevent a TPK I would stay on the upper bound of the recommendation,

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