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28/11/2019 3:54 pm  

I just got back from my first game session as the DM. And it went well!

I was running ‘The Noble Rot’ from ‘Quests of Doom Volume 1’ as a one-shot (now two-shot) for my group. Unfortunately only 3 could make it.

The players are Kilrakas (3 Ranger/Hunter/2 Fighter Variant Human), Ophelia (5 Bard/College of Whispers Changeling) and Stacy (5 Cleric/Domain of Trickery Halfling). Our usual DM will be joining next session with an Artificer/Fighter. I decide to let them have 2 common magical items for 2d4 x 10 gp each, because I thought ‘why not!’ We also had no battlemap for the game as we all thought we’d be using DM’s own one, but he didn’t arrive till after the end.

The day before the game started I had messaged them that they were going to be fighting slimes, and that they had been hired to get a cask of wine from ‘Le Chateau Gluant’, naturally at least one player got some of their information wrong. Kilrakas, somehow, read slimes as goblins, and thus decided to create the goblin slayer from the manga/anime of the same name. I decided to humour him and placed some goblins in the huts behind the chateau (they haven’t gotten there yet so if you guys have any ideas for ‘slime goblins’ let me know!).

The game started with the players at the front entrance to the vineyard, Stacy decides to climb the wall and luckily didn’t fall, but I decided to give her a scare and a hint. I told her she saw the vines moving and before I could finish speaking, she jumped off onto Ophelia.

They decided to go to the main building, and I made it a little quicker and easier to get there by placing a few areas were there were no vines. On the way they ran into 2 ‘living vines’. The first ‘living vine’ surprise attacked the party, and I was going to have it go first until Ophelia mentioned she had a passive perception of 20, so I decided everyone but her and the ‘living vines’ had disadvantage for initiative. It ended up not mattering anyway, as the living vine got a nat 20. It attacked Ophelia, and grappled her. Ophelia used Thunderwave to get free, Stacy used ‘sacred fire’, and Kilrakas dual-wielding a Warhammer and Shortsword attacked, and managed to get it to 1HP. I decided the ‘living vine’ would try to run and so Kilrakas got an opportunity attack and killed the ‘living vine’.

The second ‘living vine’ attacked by the well, but the players were alert now, so it didn’t surprise attack them. The players got rolled higher on initiative and killed it before it could attack.

They reached the main building, and Ophelia, being curious, decided to walk up to the door ignoring the gargoyle statues. The actual Gargoyle there attacked. I ruled that since you can’t tell wether a Gargoyle is real or not from a cursory look, it got a surprise round despite the 20 passive perception Ophelia has. Luckily it only hit once and did minimal damage in its surprise round.

The players took it out in 2 rounds, then decided to check the other gargoyle statues. Being actual statues they found nothing. They finally went to the front door, climbing the front step. Because we had to end the session soon I decided to give them at least some treasure. I said the front step was creaking under their weight, the players mentioned it must be a trap, but the characters couldn’t possible think that, as creaking steps is perfectly normal for an old building. Then Kilrakas stepped on and fell through, and thus they had found there first bit of treasure in 2 wine bottles. Not knowing wether the wine was still good or not, Stacy decided to taste test it (Stacy: I feel like a wine snob), and, not knowing anything about wine, told her it was perfectly good white wine and (I forgot they would find some white wine inside).

I decided to end our session there as the venue we were using was going to close for the night soon. We decided that DM’s character will be found in the foyer unconscious.

And thats what happened! I’ll post part 2 after the next game.

What do you think?

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03/01/2020 9:39 pm  

Looks like a typical 'first session'. Did both you and the players have fun?


I fondly remember the first game I ran back in '99 -- not five minutes into my homegrown game module, the party went off-script by going in an unexpected direction, and it took three sessions to bring them back around to the main story line. Man, I had to make stuff up on the fly so fast my head was spinning! Luckily I had pretty copious notes on the village, so had a fairly firm grasp on who was who and what was what, and took careful notes of what and who I invented in the moment. But it was so much fun for me and the players.

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13/01/2020 2:26 pm  

Nicely done.  Grats on your first session! 

Here's to many more gaming memories for you and your friends!  🍺 🍻 🍺