Boarderland Province climate

Is there any material written about the changes of season in the Boarderland provences.

My players will be in the Gaelon River Valley for a campaign - I was hoping someone did the work on climate and the seasons of the BLP.

I was origonally going to make the winter pretty bad, but then I read that Tigers are part of the Fauana which makes me think the winters shouldnt be too bad.

So far I havent read anything that describes a winter in the GRV. Maybe im over-analyzing it but hey thats what I do, dont take that from me ;-)


I treat that entire area, from the District of Sunderland north to have a climate similar to that of the eastern seaboard of the US. So, think of the Gaelon River Valley like the Tennessee valley; pretty cold winters, but also very hot summers. Further north, around Apothasalos, I treat it like the eastern-half of Virginia; pretty cold in the winter, but Indian summers that boil everything.